Community Benefit Agreement compliance toolkit

The Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) compliance toolkit was developed in partnership with Buy Social Canada . These resources are meant to support developers and general contractors in complying with Vancouver’s CBA Policy. Typically, developers and general contractors will work with us through the tools in their project-specific working group.

The policy applies to both the build and operations phases of eligible development projects. Reporting requirements may vary between build and operations phases, reporting periods will be established on a project-by-project basis. 

Compliance projection and reporting

Compliance projection and reporting tool (94 KB)

  • For projecting employment and procurement needs and anticipated CBA compliance
  • For reporting on CBA compliance to City of Vancouver

General contractors projection form (68 KB)

General contractor and sub-contractor how to guide (157 KB)

 There are examples entered in the projection and reporting tools as a guide. Before using the tools to report your project’s information, remove the example content first.


Developer compliance checklist (133 KB)

  • What developers need to do at each stage of development in order to comply with the Policy

General contractor compliance checklist (154 KB)

  • What general contractors need to do at each stage of development in order to comply with the Policy

Definitions and resources

Roles and responsibilities chart (126 KB)

  • The roles and responsibilities of developers, the City of Vancouver, and others in CBA implementation.

Implementation glossary (175 KB)

  • Definitions of key words used throughout the CBA Policy and toolkit

Bid language and procurement support resources (217 KB)

  • Facilitates the communication of CBA compliance requirements and identification of CBA compliance opportunities through sub-contractors and suppliers
  • Includes sample language for requests for proposal, requests for information, and requests for qualification as well as support on evaluating proposals

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