Mayor's Art Award for Craft and Design

Profile image of Brendan Lee Satish Tang and Shaun Peter Mallonga

2017 recipients

Brendan Lee Satish Tang


Born in Ireland to Trinidadian parents, Brendan Lee Satish Tang moved to Canada when he was five. Tang’s upbringing informed his approach to art making, and he now works as a visual ethnographer – documenting and interpreting contemporary culture through his own assumptions, preferences, values and personal history.

Tang aims to create work that serves as a portal for reflection and dialogue. While his aesthetic is driven by a manic consumption of visual culture, Tang’s work is labour intensive and detail oriented, with a high value on craftsmanship. Working primarily in clay, he exploits its ability to convincingly emulate other materials. By employing hand painting, gold lustre, airbrushing, hand-modelled filigree, and photo-based decals, among other means, Tang creates unusual and alluring pieces. Tang teaches in the ceramics department of Emily Carr University of Art + Design and is represented by Gallery Jones.

Shaun Peter Mallonga

Emerging artist

Shaun Peter Mallonga was born in Vancouver. Having spent most of his formative years in both the Philippines and India, he migrated back to Canada with his family seeking brighter futures. His work uses narrative to investigate the malleability and tensions of identity evoked by his experiences with migration and queer identity.

Mallonga’s practice in ceramics began at the Langara College Fine Arts Diploma Program (2014) in Vancouver, BC. He has recently completed his Bachelor's in Fine Arts degree at the Alberta College of Art + Design (2017) as a Ceramics Major. Mallonga has exhibited his works at the Marion Nicoll, Illingworth Kerr, Untitled Arts Society, and Yuill Family Gallery in Alberta. He is currently working on furthering his studio practice in his hometown, Vancouver.

Past recipients

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