ArtStarts in Schools, Red Fox Drum Group. Photo: August Studios
ArtStarts in Schools

Creative City Strategic Grant Program

This program supports new or existing projects that demonstrate and advance principles of reconciliation, equity and access, investment and visibility, capacity, or collaboration.

These high-demand grants are available only once and are open to new and existing groups.

Current status Closed

This one-time grant program is due to an increase to the 2018 cultural grants budget to:

  • Respond to growth in the arts and culture community
  • Support community priorities expressed through the Creative City Strategy early engagement process



  • Local First Nations Band Council, Non-profit Society or a community service co-op legally registered with BC Registry Services, or a registered charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Organizations with a demonstrated impact of artistic or cultural activities or services in Vancouver or in local First Nations communities for First Nations Band Councils


  • New or existing projects
  • Artist Residencies or mentorships
  • Festivals, exhibitions, performances, productions, or cultural programs
  • Cultural competency or equity resources
  • Convenings and gatherings for knowledge exchange
  • Workshops, labs, and other training programs to support professional development
  • Development and delivery of shared programs, operations, resources, and services

 Projects that do not support the arts and cultural community or align with the program objectives are not eligible.

How to apply

  1. Read the information guide  (327 KB). The guide includes:
    • Timing of grants 
    • Assessment process and criteria
    • Grant funding amounts
    • Eligible organizations and projects
    • Program objectives
  2. Contact a cultural planner to discuss your eligibility, access the online application form, and benefit from valuable advice:

Vivian Wong or 604-871-6236

Doug Durand or 604-871-6007

Marnie Rice or 604-871-6634

Cherryl Masters: or 604-871-6498

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