Daycamps and holiday care programs at community centres

Daycamps and holiday care programs at community centres

Many of our community centres offer programs for children during school holidays and pro-d days.

Use the links below to access our recreation sign-up tool. Here you'll find more information about programs, and be able to sign up for daycamps and holiday care programs in community centres across the city.

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Note: Online registration is not available for Thunderbird and Ray-Cam Co-operative community centres. Please register for programs in-person.

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Day camp programs in Vancouver

A variety of day camp programs are available for your child at Vancouver community centres. These are offered during school holidays (spring break, summer and winter break) and pro-d days and can include:

  • Out trips to various child-friendly locations
  • Themed activites
  • Specialty programs: such as computer camps, art camps, language camps, sport camps

Before and after care programs are also available to day camp registrants for an additional fee. This can help families who need childcare outside of regular day camp hours.

For more information about the programs and registration, call the community centre.

Killarney summer camp consent forms

After registering for summer camp, please fill out and deliver the forms in person to Killarney Community Centre before the first day of camp.