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Food systems

Access to food is a basic human right and can be a defining aspect of day-to-day life. But food is also so much more; it is part of a system that includes the people, cultures, infrastructure, and processes that contribute to food production, manufacturing, distribution, access, waste management, and cultural practices in community settings and in businesses large and small. 

The food system plays a powerful role in connecting people to each other, to the land and water, and to their cultures, and can be leveraged by cities to build resilience, support human and economic health outcomes, and reduce environmental impacts. 

The City of Vancouver influences our municipal food system and the food economy by regulating land uses and businesses, using City-owned land and infrastructure, offering grants and programming, engaging with the public, advocating to other levels of government, and working with partners. 

Browse these pages to learn more about our work, and how you can get involved in your food system.

Food policy

Learn about our approach to food system planning, and our efforts across municipal departments to support a just and sustainable food system.

Growing food

Learn about how we support residents to grow food through community gardens and orchards, urban farming, backyard hens, and honey beekeeping.

Buying, sharing, and accessing food

Learn about options for accessing food at markets, free or low-cost food programs, and community kitchens or starting programs in your community.

Food waste prevention and reduction

We aim to keep food from going to landfills or incinerators by preventing and reducing food waste by Vancouver residents and businesses.

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