Close-up photo of potatoes at a farmers market


We're striving to create a food system that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

This includes:

  • Establishing partnerships with private businesses, non-profit groups, and volunteers
  • Developing innovative new policies and regulations to create a sustainable food system
  • Increasing public awareness of the link between local food and a healthy environment
  • Investing in urban food projects through grants and funding
  • Increasing city and neighbourhood food assets by 50%

You can help, too. Learn how to create a healthy, sustainable food system that benefits people, the local economy, environment, and development of our city.

Growing food

Vancouver supports and promotes growing local food, through urban agriculture initiatives.

Buying, sharing, and accessing food

Reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy fresher foods by shopping local. Finding foods produced close to home.

Food and water safety

We work with other organizations to ensure the food and water supply are safe.

Getting involved in your community

How you can help improve your community’s food system and shape our policies.

Food policy

How we're working to improve Vancouver's food system.

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