Fostering community pride in the Downtown Eastside

Great Beginnings projects that foster community pride

Oppenheimer Park, the Downtown Eastside's backyard

Oppenheimer Park Commemorative Project

The Oppenheimer Park Commemorative Project is a celebration of the rich cultural history of this park in the downtown eastside of Vancouver.

SOLEfood Farm -- a small production farm on leased urban lots.

Documentary: Seeds of the Inner City

The purpose of the Pioneering Urban Food Production in the DTES project was to produce a documentary film about the SOLEfood Farm, the first urban farm in Vancouver run by inner city residents. The documentary, entitled Seeds of the Inner City, was directed by Colombian-Canadian filmmaker, Andrés Salas.

Megaphone Magazine writing workshop

Megaphone Magazine

With support from the Great Beginnings Program, Megaphone runs a series of writing workshops in the Downtown Eastside and downtownVancouver for marginalized writers. These workshops are run in treatment centres, social housing buildings, and community centres.

B-boy competition at Streetfest during the Chinatown Festival

Youth Programming at 2009 Chinatown Festival

Streetfest 2009 introduced young people to the Chinatown community by fusing traditional Chinatown with popular youth culture that may not normally be associated with the area. The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Courtyard acted as a venue for a ‘B-boy’ dance competition.

Traces: the slide being projected has text which says,

Traces: Projecting stories of Strathcona

In 2009, the Traces project created a living history project through various artistic mediums that connected, engaged, and built the capacity of local youth, seniors, and artists in celebrating and documenting East Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood.

Great Beginnings support the Downtown Community Court

Community Court Placement Worker

Downtown Community Court (DCC) is a program that gives offenders an opportunity to make direct amends for the offences they have committed in the Downtown East Side. Great Beginnings provided funding for a Community Court Supervisor for the first year of DCC’s operations.

A Clean Street micro-cleaning team at work in the Downtown East Side.

Street Cleaning Grant Program

In a partnership with local social enterprise organizations, 60 easy-to-access employment opportunities have been created for individuals with barriers to traditional employment. Clean Street participants provide micro-cleaning of city lanes and streets throughout the Downtown East Side.