Doctor with patient

Health clinics, training, groups, and advice

The City of Vancouver hosts community health clinics and professional first aid training certificate courses taught members of Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services.

The following pages provide more information about these services.

Help yourself and others

AEDs in public facilities

AEDs (automatic external defibrillators) help restart the hearts of cardiac arrest victims. There are 38 AEDs in City facilities, 80 by the end of 2014. Find AED locations. Learn how easy and safe AEDs are to use.

Happy Hearts program

Get the support you need to fight and prevent heart disease with the Happy Hearts program offered at Kensington and Dunbar community centres.

Health-related support groups

Find health-related support groups at community centres in Vancouver.

Register for recreational lessons and classes

Register for recreation and leisure programs, classes, and lessons offered at our recreation facilities.

The All Bodies Community Recreation and Fitness Group

Get encouragement and support as you pursue a healthy lifestyle with an inclusive lifestyle management program at select community centres.

Staying safe in hot weather

Even in temperate, coastal BC, heat can be harmful. Find out how to stay cool during the summer in Vancouver.

CPR and firefighter training for students

VFRS Youth Academy

Find opportunities for secondary school students and learn that working as a firefighter involves more than just fighting fires.