Healthy City Strategy updates, documents, and background

Healthy City Strategy goals

The strategy is guided by a vision of A Healthy City for All: a city where together we are creating and continually improving the conditions that enable all of us to enjoy the highest level of health and well-being possible.

Health is about much more than just physical health or treatment in the health care system; it is about the social determinants that shape well-being in a broader sense. The three focus areas below describe the holistic framework that informs the Healthy City Strategy. The Strategy is intended to engage all residents and all sectors of our community in taking action to build toward a Healthy City for All.

Healthy people

Our health and well-being begins with basic needs – clothing, shelter, food, transportation, and employment. We need ways to express ourselves, to be safe and included, supportive services, and to learn and grow.

Healthy communities

Community connections build a healthy city – working together makes us resilient and sustainable, we enjoy better health when we connect with our neighbours and are engaged in our communities.

Healthy environments

Ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable environments directly impact our physical and mental health – the built environment, networks of movement, natural spaces, biodiversity, and freedom from pollution are key to building a healthy city.