Black and white image of Hogan's Alley.

Hogan's Alley

City Council has approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Hogan's Alley Society (HAS) to deliver housing, public benefits, and amenities on the 898 Main Street block.


Hogan’s Alley was another name for Park Lane in Strathcona, which ran between Union and Prior Streets from approximately Main Street to Jackson Avenue. 

Hogan’s Alley was home to Vancouver's largest Black and African diaspora community. This community was displaced over decades by the City's actions, and finalized by the construction of the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts in 1972.

Our commitment

The City recognizes that the MOU is only 1 step in building a stronger relationship with the broader Black and African diaspora communities. We see this work as crucial to the long-term success of our cultural redress efforts with Vancouver's Black and African diaspora communities.

The City is committed to working with Vancouver's cultural communities to acknowledge and address historical discrimination, identify and remove barriers to full participation, and celebrate their vibrant cultures.

About the MOU

The City's approach to redress aims to work at a level of community impact. The Hogan’s Alley MOU recognizes and begins to address the harm to the development of the Black and African diaspora communities in Vancouver caused by the City through a series of actions; and policies over multiple decades that displaced the Black and African diaspora communities, impacting the communities’ overall presence and development in Vancouver.. 

The MOU confirms both parties' intention to work together in a cooperative and collaborative manner to enable the redevelopment of the 898 Main Street block to achieve the diverse public benefits identified in the vision of the Northeast False Creek Plan, including a cultural centre.

The MOU provides critical context for the next stages of the redevelopment which will include further discussions and negotiations of the terms of the lease, and work by HAS on engaging with the community and fundraising with senior government agencies, as well as developing detailed business, financial and development plans for the block.