Homelessness services and resources

Memorandum of Understanding

We're taking collective action with the Province of BC and Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation to take a coordinated approach to connecting people experiencing homelessness to appropriate housing. 

Find out more about the Memorandum of Understanding we've signed to affirm our commitment to this work (135 KB)

We're working hard to provide homes for our residents who are sheltering outdoors. 

Unfortunately, creating enough safe, clean, and affordable housing is a goal that cannot be achieved alone. Through grants, partnerships, and direct outreach, we help provide people experiencing homelessness with shelter, free or low-cost food, and other services and resources.

Our commitment

The reasons individuals fall into homelessness can be complex, but the pathway out of homelessness requires individuals to have access to income, housing, and supports. We are committed to ensuring emergency shelters and other services are in place to support people in crisis, as well as longer-term solutions, including the creation of social and supportive housing in partnership with senior levels of government.

Shelters and winter response strategy

We're committed to ensuring all residents have a safe place to come inside, particularly during cold and extreme weather.

Supportive housing

Supportive housing is affordable housing that provides a range of on-site supports to its residents.

Free and low-cost resources

Download a list of organizations that offer free- or low-cost meals or groceries and clothing to residents in need.

Rent bank

The Vancouver Rent Bank provides one-time interest-free loans to low-income people in temporary financial crisis.

Homelessness Action Week

We join communities and organizations throughout the region to mark Homelessness Action Week in mid-October.

Homeless Count

Learn now to volunteer for our annual Homeless Count and review annual reports back to 2010.

Outreach programs

The outreach team connects individuals experiencing homelessness and needing assistance to supports.

Better Together

Better Together works to collectively problem-solve issues related to poverty, unsheltered homelessness, and mental health.

Community centres with additional supports


Amenities include a library, cafeteria, art, and recreation programs, adult learning and literacy programs, weight room, and outreach services.

Evelyne Saller Centre

Amenities include social, recreational, and life-skill development programs, showers, laundry, and cafeteria with low-cost meals.

Gathering Place

Amenities include an education centre, reading room, low-cost cafeteria, and programs for arts and recreation, health, youth and volunteers. The centre is located at 609 Helmcken St, Vancouver BC. 604-665-2391.