Person who is homeless holding a cardboard sign that reads 'you can make a difference'

Homelessness Action Week

Each year in mid-October, we join communities and organizations throughout the region to mark Homelessness Action Week.

Homelessness Action Week grants

Community and grassroots events and projects are an important part of Homelessness Action Week.

We provide grants to non-profit organizations to host events and organize projects related to Homelessness Action Week that:

  • Help Vancouver residents who are homeless
  • Create awareness of homelessness
  • Engage citizens on solutions to homelessness
  • Decrease the stigma associated with homelessness and the exclusion experienced by Vancouverites experiencing homelessness

Learn more about Homelessness Action Week grants


Events and initiatives

We are a proud participant in Homelessness Action Week, and support events and initiatives during the week and over the year, including:

  • Homeless Connect events, where attendees can get everything from health care assistance to bike repairs to a nutritious meal
  • Events hosted by local non-profit organizations

View the official Calendar of Events for all event and project information (149 KB)