Cultural Learning and Sharing Grant Program

This program provides up to $20,000 to non-profit arts and cultural organizations to access or deliver learning opportunities that will build and strengthen skills, knowledge, relationships and experience in order to enhance organizational, sectoral or individual arts and leadership practices. 

This program is now closed as all funds have been allocated. The program will re-open in January 2023.

Who can apply

  • Artists and cultural leaders who identify as:
    • Musqueam, Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh, Urban Indigenous
    • Black or of African descent
    • People of Colour
    • Deaf/deaf, Hard of Hearing
    • Living with a disability/disabled people
    • LGBTQ2+ and gender diverse
  • Arts and culture organizations’ leaders, artists and staff that wish to build their pathways to becoming more equitable
  • Individual artists and cultural leaders may apply via a sponsor non-profit arts and cultural organization

How to apply

Read the information guide (188 KB)

Contact a cultural planner to discuss your eligibility, access the online application form, and, benefit from valuable advice:

Aliyah Amarshi
Cultural Planner

Cherryl Masters
Cultural Planner