Making ends meet and working well

Making ends meet and working well


Adequate income and access to a broad range of healthy employment opportunities.


Reduce the city’s poverty rate by 75%, and an increase the median income by at least 3% every year.


Income is a strong determinant of health and well-being. While Vancouver is a growing, thriving city, we also have high poverty rates, and many people struggle to make ends meet.

Making ends meet and working well means:

  1. Ensuring that income is more evenly distributed
  2. Ensuring healthy work environments and jobs

These steps benefit us as individuals, but they also benefit our families, our communities, our employers, and the economy as a whole.

Progress we've made so far

Healthy City Dashboard

Check out the latest way to find information about health and well-being in Vancouver. View the status, trends, and graphs of health indicators and export the data to use elsewhere.

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Initiatives helping us reach these goals and targets

Community grants

To help build strong communities in Vancouver, we offer a range of grants funding for non-profit social groups and neighbourhood organizations.

Community Benefit Agreements Policy

Community Benefit Agreements provide more jobs and training for local residents and ensure diverse local businesses thrive.

Poverty Reduction Plan

The City is committed to creating a poverty reduction plan to raise incomes and reduce the number of Vancouverites struggling to make ends meet.

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