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Non-profit social and co-op housing

As part of our efforts in supporting non-profit societies and co-ops in creating critical new housing, we're considering amendments to zoning rules in select low-rise apartment areas across the city. Our goal is to make it easier for non-profit and co-op housing providers to build more affordable housing, and renew or redevelop their existing aging sites. 

The proposed amendments would allow the development of non-profit social and co-op housing developments up to 6 storeys in RM-4, RM-4N, and RM-3A zoning districts. The proposed amendments will also allow these developments to proceed faster and at lower cost by removing the need for a rezoning. 

What's happeningShape the future of non-profit and co-op housing

We want to hear your feedback to inform current policy work on social housing development as part of a report going to Council in early 2021.

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