New permanent supportive homes in Vancouver

Creating long-term housing is one of the most important ways that we can address the homelessness.

Through our partnership with BC Housing, we are creating approximately 350 new permanent supportive homes which will provide hundreds of residents with safe, secure, and affordable housing. 

Their new homes will provide residents with a place to sleep and give them access to basic services that many of us take for granted such as washrooms, kitchens, and heat and hot water.

Homes with supports help create safe, inclusive communities for everyone. Bringing people inside means there are fewer people outside struggling to survive. When a person chooses to live in supportive housing, they:

  • Have a warm, safe place to call home
  • Can access the necessities of life such as food, washrooms, and laundry
  • Can begin to heal from the damage caused by living outside
  • Strengthen community connections

What's happeningRezonings approved

Types of support provided

Every building will be run by an experienced non-profit housing society with staff on-site 24/7 to support residents and manage the building. Residents will also have access to life skills training and connections to supports and other services they may need.

The City and BC Housing will work closely with the operators and neighbours to build and maintain a safe, inclusive community for all.

Each site will have an operations management plan that describes how the housing will be managed.