Political and religious expression

Religious activities

The City of Vancouver Charter recognizes the freedom of speech and the right to assembly for all groups, without prejudice.

As such, council encourages religious groups to pass on their message on City streets, by providing them with a free permit.

The permit gives religious groups a designated area and time to inform and interact with the public. For a Religious Street Meeting Permit, download and complete the form below, and submit it to Street Activities.

Structures for political expression

The City balances the right to political expression with public safety. A free permit is required before you can place any structure or object (that is not a table) which conveys political expression on a City street.

The City reviews the plan and location mentioned in your permit application to make sure that the structure will be safe to display on City streets, and will not obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

For a permit, first read the detailed information about structures for political expression, then download and complete the permit application form and submit it to Street Activities.

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