Power up station box

Power-Up Station

This Power-Up Station pilot project from our Engineering Services team will launch in fall 2020, designed by our first-ever Engineering Artist-In-Residence, Germaine Koh.

The Power-Up Station allows users to climb aboard and pedal their way to a charged phone, tablet, or other small electronic device. But its primary goal is to help you imagine how streets might transform as we gradually expand the use of active modes of transportation such as walking, scooters, boards, bikes, and emerging modes of micro-transit. These changes not only promote a healthy lifestyle, they also align with our work on the Climate Emergency Action Plan.

This project was completed with the support of Transportation Planning's Walk + Bike + Roll Program, as well as VIVA Vancouver, the Parking Management team, the Parklet Program, and our Sustainability Group. 

What's happening

The Power-Up Station will be hosted for multiple-month periods at a few different locations around the city, starting with Main Street and 14th Avenue Plaza later this fall.