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Remarkable Women

The Vancouver Park Board established the Remarkable Women poster series from 2008 to 2014 to honour local women who have made significant contributions to arts, culture, sports, and community.

Each year, the individual stories of a select group of women from diverse backgrounds and abilities were featured on posters, which highlight the important role each woman plays in our community. 

Remarkable Women (52.53 MB)

Poster series featuring remarkable women who've contributed to arts, culture, history, local food, reconciliation, sport and community building.

Previous Remarkable Women posters

2014: Reconciliation (2.35 MB)

These women are bridge builders, advocates, and peace makers; community makers who foster healing, support, and respect for all people.

2013: Food (4.73 MB)

Featuring woman who represent food, food production, food security, policy, education, and research.

2012: Arts (1.67 MB)

Featuring Vancouver women artists from diverse background and abilities who represent different aspects of artistic and creative endeavors.

2011: Community builders (1.93 MB)

Improving communities through volunteerism, hard work, advocacy, and dedication to change for the good of everyone.

2010: Athletes (6.84 MB)

Featuring women that represent different sports and achievements at different levels.

2008: History (1.51 MB)

The poster project began with honouring remarkable women from our communities.

Awards of Excellence

The Remarkable Women poster series program was discontinued in 2015 and the Awards of Excellence took its place. The Awards of Excellence recognizes outstanding achievements made by individuals.

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