A school zone slow down 40 km/h sign in the foreground of Crosstown Elementary.

School slow zones on arterials pilot

What you need to know

We've reduced speed limits near specific schools to enhance safety for students and encourage drivers to slow down around schools.

In March 2023, we launched a pilot to reduce speeds on arterial and collector streets in 9 school zones.

Studies show that lowering vehicle speeds can significantly reduce the impact and likelihood of crashes and make our streets safer for people who walk, bike, and roll.

We’ll report back to Council in spring 2024 with the pilot results. If the pilot succeeds, we will consider expanding it to more schools.

Review the Council memorandums:

School slow zone lawn sign campaign

You can display a School Slow Zone lawn sign next to your school or property to encourage drivers to slow down around schools. These signs are a tool to make all road users aware of their speeds as they travel near our schools.

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