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Solutions Lab

Our Solutions Lab is a response to the increasing pressure that our city is facing to address many converging and complex challenges, such as equity, climate change, health, and well-being.

Modelled on other public sector innovation labs from around the world, the Solutions Lab was created to deliver high quality, cost-effective, and sophisticated responses to today’s challenges that go beyond typical government processes. 

Solutions Lab

By City of Vancouver

The lab creates an experimentation and learning oriented space that develops, tests, and implements social innovations to grow a healthy, green city.

  • The Solutions Lab works in collaborative and co-creative ways.

  • We use processes from design, social innovation, developmental evaluation, and other fields.

  • The lab cycles through research, testing, and prototyping ideas until promising solutions are found.

  • It draws on the experiences and perspectives of those most affected by a challenge.

  • Solutions labs include a multi-disciplinary and diverse team of City staff and key stakeholders.

Past work

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