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Historical discrimination against people of South Asian Canadian descent

What you need to know

Council has made steps to acknowledge racism and discrimination faced by South Asian Canadians and has approved an interim report on historical discrimination.

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On July 5, 2022, City Council took a step forward in recognizing South Asian Canadian racism and discrimination by approving the interim report on historical discrimination.

We are working with South Asian Canadian communities to conduct further research and broader community engagement. Our goal is to refine and expand on Council's recommendations to address South Asian Canadian racism and discrimination.

Review the interim report (1.3 MB)

Addressing South Asian Canadian racism in Vancouver

Community insights

A community advisory group along with subject matter experts from South Asian Canadian communities provided input and some initial recommendations to guide our work.

Review the What We Learned So Far engagement summary (825 KB) Review the What We Learned So Far summary (simplified format) (140 KB) 

Next steps

  • Phase 2

    Broader community engagement begins

    We will begin broader community engagement using various outreach methods such as surveys, mapping activities, open community sessions and smaller focus groups to reach as many people as possible.
  • Phase 3

    Expanding research and raising awareness

    We will be researching historical and on-going discrimination, understanding its impacts, and sharing South Asian Canadian history with communities.

  • Phase 4

    Report to Council

    We will present findings on historical research, impacts of discrimination, and recommended actions for Council to consider.

  • Phase 5

    Issuing an official apology

    We learned in our initial engagement that a meaningful apology requires actionable steps, dedicated funding, and long-term commitment.

Komagata Maru Place

Learn more about Komagata Maru Place, a secondary name for Canada Place in our commitment to address historic South Asian discrimination.

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