Sustainable Food Systems Grants

The Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Grant funds projects that:

  • Support the principles, goals, and actions outlined in the Vancouver Food Strategy and aim to address issues such as food access, diversity of voices and inclusion, and resilience
  • Support organizations that build coalitions of community members and organizations, agencies or businesses with the aim of working collaboratively to achieve food systems goals
  • Increase access to healthy, affordable, and culturally diverse food for residents
  • Promote inclusion, participation, celebration, skill-building, or community capacity-building;
  • Operate at the neighbourhood scale

Key dates

Current status Closed
Deadline date for 2021 applications October 2020

From 2018-2020, the SFS Grant was offered as a closed grant on a three-year cycle, providing opportunity for annual renewal to the applicants originally awarded the grant in 2018.

Given the many changes in program operations this year due to COVID-19 impacts, the closed grant cycle is being extended for one additional year (2021). Organizations who received the grant in 2020 have been contacted regarding the application process.

Email for more information about the grant stream or food policy.