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A podcast that uses the power of dialogue to advance equity and diversity in the workplace -- hosted by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, with support from the City of Vancouver. 

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Carla Grimann

Carla Grimann is the Fleet Supervisor for the Vancouver Park Board. She oversee the departments diverse fleet of equipment and works closely with other branches in the City to make sure new and replacement equipment is outfitted for operational needs and ensures drivers operate equipment in a safe and regulatory manner. 

With a willingness to take on new challenges and ongoing career development, she rose through the ranks and seized many opportunities to grow her leadership skills.

Carla wants to inspire other women to consider leadership positions and ensure their career paths are free from gender bias roadblocks. 

“Even thought there were times I did not feel brave or confident I was determined to become a leader and took on many challenging opportunities.  Thriving from the positive and learning from the negative experiences along my career path, I have grown and hope to influence others” 
Carla has headed the creation of the City's new podcast Talk It Forward as part of the Minerva Women Lead the Way program. In 2020, we sponsored Carla to attend the program, and the curriculum included creating a capstone project that surrounded leadership. Carla knew that she wanted to inspire other women to reach for leadership, but how could she do that while having the biggest impact?  Carla created a project plan and started asking people about how to make this happen and this person talked to that person and said this person would be good to talk to and slowly the dots started connecting. The Vancouver Park Board is sponsoring the project and various employees from the City are contributing from the creative content, guests and review prior to publication. 

Talk it forward episode 6 - Confidence and resilience

Latest episode

Episode 6
Confidence and resilience

Carla Grimann

In our final episode of the season, Betty, the new director of urban relationships at the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, discusses how her confidence and resiliency have been challenged throughout her career, and shares her advice for young women about how powerful their voices are. 

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