Urban Agriculture Policy for parks

Urban garden

In February 2015, the Vancouver Park Board adopted a new policy for urban agriculture to better reflect agricultural activities now taking place in urban parks. 

The policy replaces the Park Board's Community Gardens Policy from 2005, and applies to existing and new food-focused projects like community gardens in Vancouver parks.

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What's in the new policy? 

The proposed Urban Agriculture Policy includes:

  1. An expanded definition of the policy for agriculture project that covers:
    • Collaborative and shared gardening
    • Educational-, arts-, and culturally-focused gardening
    • Fruit and nut trees
    • Hobby beekeeping
    • Pollinator gardens
    • And more
  2. Requirements for how urban agriculture projects operate, such as:
    • Goals
    • Uses for what's grown and produced
    • Environmental impacts
    • Design of spaces and structures, and their accessibility 
  3. Criteria for what projects need for public consultation to be considered by the Park Board

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