Indigenous youth paddling in the Coast Salish Canoe Races

Giving Vancouver's youth a strong voice

We work to engage Vancouver's young residents, and ensure that youth have a strong voice in municipal decision-making.

Our goals are to:

  • Ensure youth have a place in the city
  • Ensure a strong youth voice in decision-making
  • Promote youth and their contributions as a resource to the City
  • Strengthen the support base for youth in Vancouver

What's happening

July 9, 2020: We need youth to help us guide the right choices for a future city where everyone can thrive.

We've launched the Young Planners online portal, where you can:

  • Build a model of your favourite building
  • Create a mural
  • Find great books and movies about cities

Visit Young Planners

About our services

Get information on where to find youth services, what types of services are available, and our bi-annual reports.

Recreation programs for youth

Review a full range of sport, recreational, social, cultural, and educational programs for youth. Find details for programs in your area.

Getting involved

Ways youth can get involved in advisory committees, councils, surveys, and programs.


Review crisis, health, education and employment, financial support, and community resources for youth.

Youth firefighting opportunities

Are you thinking of a career in firefighting? Learn about our special youth programs that give elite groups of high school students the total firefighting experience.

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