2010 External Awards

Constable Tyrone Sideroff2010 POLICE OFFICER OF THE YEAR
Vancouver Board of Trade

Constable Tyrone Sideroff

A lifelong resident of Vancouver, Tyrone studied at Simon Fraser University. During his time as a student, Tyrone volunteered over 800 hours to community service through both the Granville Island Community Policing Centre and Citizens’ Crime Watch program.

Tyrone was hired by the Vancouver Police Department in March 2004. He began his policing career in patrol, working in the Downtown Eastside, and has remained serving there since while working in uniform, plainclothes and recently as an acting sergeant.

Tyrone has a passion for front line policing; during his time with the VPD he has been involved in investigations and in-progress incidents that have resulted in hundreds of arrests including murder, sexual assault, residential and commercial break-ins, stolen vehicles, drugs and firearms, extortion, forcible confinement, bank robbery, car-jacking, weapons offences, serious assaults and more. In 2009 alone, while targeting mainly prolific offenders, Tyrone made over 200 arrests.

Tyrone began earning his current reputation for tenacity, dedication and hard work from the start of his career as a front line officer. In 2005, a routine stop for a bylaw infraction resulted in a foot chase and the subsequent capture of a suspect responsible for a homicide involving a firearm.

Shortly after, Tyrone spotted a robbery suspect responsible for a series of fast food restaurant robberies, giving chase and apprehending him. In 2006, Tyrone recognized a suspect wanted for a violent sexual assault of a sex trade worker and gave chase as the suspect attempted to flee. The pursuit resulted in an arrest involving area containment, a fight, and the assistance of a K9 unit.

In 2007, Tyrone was involved in the arrest of a suspect after a violent confinement and assault of a sex trade worker. He gained the woman’s trust, which allowed police to locate and arrest the suspect. During the investigation, Tyrone determined that the same suspect had also taken over the home of a vulnerable and wealthy elderly man and had coerced hundreds of thousands of dollars from the victim, turning the inside of his residence into a crack house. Tyrone enlisted the help of his team and returned the elderly man’s house back to what it had once been.

Though these and many other actions, Tyrone has garnered recognition from crown prosecutors as a tenacious investigator. Through his dedication and hard work, he has gained not only the respect of the community he serves, but also the respect of all officers with whom he serves.

International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts
Special Constable Ryan Prox

The International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA), the world’s foremost professional analyst association, recognizes exceptional achievements in the field of law enforcement intelligence.

Special Constable Ryan Prox, the VPD Analytics Standard Advisor, received the Professional Service Award for his contribution to the Department’s i2 CRIME project.

Deputy Chief Doug LePardEnding Violence Association of British Columbia
Deputy Chief Doug LePard

The Ending Violence Association of British Columbia (EVA BC), formerly the BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance and Counselling Programs, is a charitable, non-profit organization that provides services to over 200 funded anti-violence programs across British Columbia. It is a resource for community-based services that support survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, child abuse and criminal harassment. EVA BC works to coordinate and support the work of victim-serving and other anti-violence programs in BC through the provision of issue-based consultation and analysis, resource development, training, research and education.

Deputy Chief LePard received the award in recognition of his tireless efforts to reduce violence against women. He was instrumental in the creation of the VPD’s Domestic Violence and Criminal Harassment Unit in 1996 and led that unit until 2000. Under his direction the number of successful prosecutions doubled.

Deputy Chief LePard is the co-author of the book chapter on “Managing Stalkers” in the textbook Stalking and Psychosexual Obsession. He has trained police officers across B.C. in effective investigation of domestic violence and stalking cases.

Simon Fraser University
Chief Constable Jim Chu

Chief Constable Jim Chu, who graduated from SFU in 1986 with a bachelor of business administration degree, has been given an award recognizing his public service.

SFU and the Alumni Association honour their most accomplished graduates every year, with nominations coming from alumni, faculty, staff, students and others in the community.

Read more about the award and the other recipients, and see Chief Constable Chu in this video created by SFU.

The Globe and Mail, CTV and Cyberpresse
Chief Constable Jim Chu

The top 25 transformational Canadians are those that are considered to have made a difference in their communities and beyond through their vision, leadership and actions.

Chief Constable Jim Chu was honoured to be chosen as one of the top 25. Nominations were received from a panel of judges, as well as the public.

Find more information in The Globe and Mail.

Borstal Award for Community Crime Prevention Excellence
Constable Jodyne Keller

Constable Jodyne Keller was awarded the 2010 Borstal Award for Community Crime Prevention Excellence for the work she does relating to the homeless. She works with outside agencies toward the shared goal of ending homelessness.

Constable Keller works with the appropriate agencies, ensuring homeless people receive the support they need, whether it’s relationship building, attending doctor’s appointments with them or navigating through the documents to obtain welfare or housing.

By providing this support, Constable Keller is helping to reduce calls for police service and an over-consumption of medical services, not to mention improving the lives of the homeless people she works with.

Constable Holly ChristieBorstal Award – Certificate of Merit for Community Crime Prevention
Constable Holly Christie

The Borstal Award is given to a police officer who works with the community to develop or enhance existing programs that promote safety and reduce neighbourhood crime.

As the VPD’s Problem Oriented Policing Coordinator, Constable Holly Christie assists patrol officers and Vancouver citizens when a residence or retail business is identified as causing a disturbance within a neighbourhood and is a drain on police resources. She coordinates with the City of Vancouver and various agencies with a common goal of bringing resolution to the problems surrounding the premise.

Constable Christie also coordinates the Multi-Agency Integrated Team (MAIT), which involves Vancouver Fire, City of Vancouver Property Use inspectors, the Chief Licensing Inspector, City Legal and Liquor inspectors from the LCLA.

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