2012 Awards


Sergeant Bill Rattray2012 POLICE OFFICER OF THE YEAR
Vancouver Board of Trade
Sergeant Bill Rattray

Sergeant Bill Rattray has been a police officer with the Vancouver Police Department for 27 years, demonstrating the highest standards in leadership, excellence at work and service to the community.

He spent his first 18 years policing in the Downtown Core, transferring to the West Side in 2004 to mentor junior sergeants. Bill is known for his kindness and selflessness, often working Christmas so that others with young families could be home with their kids, and stepping aside to allow less senior sergeants the experience of acting as staff sergeant.

He is always aware of the career aspirations of the constables that work on his team and he has worked to ensure their professional development, giving the leg-up to many climbing the promotional ladder. Being a sergeant did not stop Bill from taking calls and writing reports, which freed up patrol officers to respond to serious calls.

Sergeant Rattray is a seasoned crisis negotiator, having used his skills many times. His achievements have been acknowledged with a Chief Constable’s Commendation for his commanding role foiling a kidnapping, a Chief Constable’s Unit Citation as part of the negotiating team that resulted in taking an armed, barricaded man into custody, and another Chief Constable’s Unit Citation for his role at the Transportation Security Operations Centre during the Olympics.

Perhaps the most revealing aspect of Sergeant Rattray’s commitment to the Department is that in 27 years of policing, he has never taken a sick day. As a police member, as a supervisor, as an agent for the Vancouver Police Union, and as a citizen, Sergeant Bill Rattray personifies the integrity, accountability and compassion of the Vancouver Police Officer of 2012.

Jewellers Vigilance Canada and Jewelers Mutual
Robbery / Assault / Arson Unit

Several Vancouver robbery investigators were presented with an award from Jewellers Vigilance Canada and Jewelers Mutual at the 2011 Western Robbery Investigators Seminar in May.

(photo, Front row, left to right: Det. Cst. Tim Russell, Det. Cst. AJ Sandhu, Det. Cst. Shane Aitken; Back row, left to right: Det. Cst. Dean Wells, Sgt. Kevin McLaren)

The award was created to "recognize and distinguish law enforcement individuals who have made outstanding achievements in the fight against crime perpetuated towards the jewellery community through their dedication and professionalism in performing their duties, their commitment to apprehending these criminals and their quality of law enforcement."

Acting Inspector Joanne Boyle, Sergeant Kevin McLaren and Detective Constables Tim Russell, Jennifer McMartin, AJ Sandhu, Dean Wells, Sharon Hunter, Mike Kim, Shane Aitken, Trevor Burmachuk and Vikki Smalley worked on a two-year investigation that led to the arrests of eight armed robbery suspects.

The robbers were targeting jewellers in the Vancouver area, including Monte Cristo Jewellers in Oakridge Mall in March of 2011. There were under surveillance and arrested as the result of an on-view robbery at Willowbrook Mall in Langley.

Canadian Safe Boating Council
Sergeant Norm Webster

Sergeant Norm Webster of the VPD Marine Unit has received a national award from The Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) for his work in promoting safe boating.

The Best Media Contribution to Boat Safety Award was given to Webster for his “non-stop engagement of local media and keeping boating safety in the spotlight.”

Many Vancouverites will recognize Norm from the interviews and safety demonstrations he has done in the local media promoting boating safety, such as the Boat Launch Blitz Boater Education and Safety Program, the Celebration of Light, and Safe Boating Week. He was also featured in a documentary on Telus TV last year on the VPD Marine Unit.

The CSBC works to ensure that Canadians safely enjoy our waterways.

Alcatel–Lucent and International Association of Chiefs of Police
Sergeant Toby Hinton

This award from Alcatel-Lucent and the International Association of Chiefs of Police is open to officers from any country in the world and are given for “exceptional achievement in any police endeavor, either on-duty or off-duty, including cold cases, community policing, criminal investigation, extraordinary valor, forensic science, policing technology, terrorism prevention, and traffic safety.”

Sergeant Hinton has been a Vancouver Police officer for 21 years. As a member of the “Odd Squad,” he has been involved in drug education for youth in Vancouver, as well as throughout the region, including creating the award-winning documentary Through a Blue Lens.

ConnectedCOPS and LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Detective Constable Ian Barraclough

This award from ConnectedCOPS and LexisNexis Risk Solutions is given to an investigator from a law enforcement agency who has used social media to successfully solve crimes, while adhering to appropriate security measures and supervisions of the investigation.

Detective Constable Ian Barraclough has used his skills to apprehend several pedophiles and prevent the distribution of child pornography, while working across borders with U.S. federal and state agencies.

B.C. Borstal Association
Constable Steve Hanuse

B.C. Borstal Association
Constable Dave Krenz

These awards are given annually to Vancouver Police officers who develop and/or enhance existing programs that will reflect a high standard of safety and reduce crime in a neighbourhood, who have been identified by the community to have been the driving force in the development of a crime-free neighbourhood and have demonstrated leadership in getting the community involved in community policing and crime prevention initiatives.

Constable Steve HanuseConstable Steve Hanuse is currently in his 22nd year with the Vancouver Police Department, and throughout his career he has taken a keen interest in being involved and working with the community. He possesses and demonstrates strong leadership skills and is instrumental in delivering community policing initiatives on a daily basis. Steve is well respected by his peers throughout the organization, and instils the high values of the organization in others.

Constable Hanuse is currently working in the District Four Neighbourhood Policing Team as the Musqueam Band Native Liaison Officer. He sits on the committee for the Community Wellness Program, and attends camps for youth at risk, which are geared toward promoting education and providing positive life-skills coaching.

Steve is also a member of the band’s Justice Committee, which oversees the security patrol, and plays an important role in reducing crime on the reserve. Members of the security patrol, liaise daily with Steve to identify and address community concerns and crime prevention strategies.

Through the Band administration, Steve has been involved in bringing back the Safe House Program, aimed at fostering high-risk youth on the reserve, with intensive life skills coaching and the support of the community.

Through his tireless efforts, Steve has significantly reduced the number police calls to the reserve and has been instrumental in identifying and disrupting criminal behaviour as it pertains to, and affects, the residents of the Musqueam Band.

Steve is a dedicated athlete and lends much of his personal time to initiatives like the Vancouver Police Soccer and Service Club (VPSSC), where he coaches in the annual Inner City Soccer Camp. Through this camp, youth are coached to develop and encourage friendship, leadership, and teamwork all through the game of soccer. Steve has also been a member of the COPS for Cancer Team as a rider over the years and has dedicated countless hours to training and representing the Department during fundraising efforts for the cause.

Leah-Marlay-Dave-KrenzConstable Dave Krenz has been a Vancouver Police officer for 28 years, working as the Community Policing Block Watch Coordinator for the past seven years. In that time, Block Watch membership in Vancouver has grown from an almost inactive program to 594 active members, mostly through the pro-active efforts of Constable Krenz and the Block Watch Administrator, Leah Marlay.

Dave and Leah give many community presentations to Block Watch groups throughout the year and hold training sessions for all new Block Watch volunteers. Constable Krenz has a strong ability to train and motivate people and clearly demonstrates his leadership with humour and common sense when instructing these training sessions.

Dave responds to both Block Watch members and the general public, who ask for advice about their neighbourhoods, and will actively investigate information sent to him by Block Watch members of suspicious activities or people in their neighbourhoods. He always makes himself available for community events by adjusting his work schedule to fit the needs of the community.

In 2012, Constable Krenz appeared in short crime prevention videos called “Krenz on Krime,” telling people how to protect their homes and valuables.The videos are a unique, entertaining and informative way to provide a wide audience with pertinent crime prevention information.

International Association of Chiefs of Police
Vancouver Police Department, Integrated Riot Investigation Team

The August Vollmer Excellence in Forensic Science Award has been created to honour the proactive, innovative use of forensic technologies by law enforcement.

On June 15, 2011, over 150,000 people filled the streets of downtown Vancouver following the Vancouver Canucks’ loss in Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. Before long, rioters had destroyed property, looted businesses, started fires and assaulted people who tried to stop them, while thousands more watched them, encouraged them and took pictures and video.

Within days, the Integrated Riot Investigation Team was formed, with 70 officers from eight police agencies, and the largest Canadian investigation of its kind had begun.

Investigators were dealing with video evidence on a scale that had never been seen before. Together, with the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA), over 5,000 hours of video was processed, enabling investigators to search for multiple offences connected to a single individual.

IRIT’s investigative approach has revolutionized how law enforcement agencies will manage modern day investigations of this size.

International Association of Police / Thomson Reuters
Integrated Riot Investigation Team

This award recognized quality achievement and innovation in managing and conducting criminal investigations with the goal of sharing information to advance the art and science of criminal investigations. Evaluation criteria are based on innovation in the development or enhancement of investigative techniques, the significance of the contribution to the advancement of the art or science of criminal investigation and exceptional achievement in managing or conducting a criminal investigation.

Following the riot that took place on June 15, 2011 after a hometown loss in Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals, 112 businesses and 122 vehicles were damaged or destroyed, resulting in a loss of over $3.4 million. That's in addition to the assaults and other crimes that occurred that night.

With the 70-member Integrated Riot Investigation Team (IRIT) newly formed, investigators were facing over 5,000 hours of video in over 100 different formats, countless photographs, information all over social media and more than 4,600 tips just in the first week alone.

A system was developed and used to track the sources of information. An interactive and secure website was created to identify rioters and update the public. Strategic news releases and a public outreach campaign using QR codes were used, as well as a live webcast/Twitter event "Tweet the Chief" were used. "Riot Roundup" posters were distrubted with photos of unidentified rioters. These efforts resulted in over 1.5 million visits to the website and an additional 7,633 tips.

Burnaby RCMP
Ms. Linh Riddick, Crime Analyst

Earlier this year, the Officer-in-Charge of the Burnaby RCMP gave this award to VPD Crime Analyst Linh Riddick for her work on Project E-Nimble. The RCMP investigation, in which Vancouver Police assisted, lead to the arrest and charge of a previously unknown serial offender, who was identified as a key suspect by Riddick.

The offender targeted his vulnerable victims in the Downtown Eastside and drove them to Burnaby where his crimes were committed. The crimes included sex assault, robbery, forcible confinement, kidnapping and threatening.

Linh, who has been an analyst for five years now, likens her job to "linking the pieces of a puzzle together." Her background includes a bachelor of arts in criminology and psychology, and specialized training in crime analysis, including Criminal Investigative Analysis, Major Crimes Analysis, Advanced Mapping and Forecasting, and Intelligence Analysis.

Deputy Chief Doug LePard, Inspector Scott Thompson, Constable Linda MalcolmMEMBER OF THE ORDER OF MERIT OF THE POLICE FORCES
Governor General of Canada
Inspector Scott Thompson
Constable Linda Malcolm

Governor General of Canada
Deputy Chief Doug LePard

The Order of Merit of the Police Forces honours a career of exceptional service or distinctive merit displayed by the men and women of the Canadian Police Services, and recognizes their commitment to their country. The primary focus is on exceptional merit, contributions to policing and community development.

A Member of the Order of Merit is specifically recognized for exceptional service orperformance of duty over an extended period, usually at the local or regional/provincial level.

An Officer of the Order of Merit is recognized for outstanding meritorious service in duties of responsibility over an extended period, usually at the regional or provincial level.

Honouring local crime prevention heroes2012 KENNETH M. LEMCKERT COMMUNITY POLICING AWARD
British Columbia Ministry of Justice
Constables Heather Brown and Jose Abundo

This Community Safety and Crime Prevention award is given to people with a high level of committment to crime prevention in their communities. Constables Brown and Abundo work out of the Collingwood Community Policing Centre, doing community outreach, crime prevention and beat enforcement. Their efforts include bike patrols, school visits, community workshops on women's safety, crime prevention, child-proofing, gang deterrence and domestic violence awareness. They also recruit, train and mentor over 100 community volunteers.

SisterWatch wins Crime Prevention Award2012 COMMUNITY SAFETY AND CRIME PREVENTION AWARD
British Columbia Ministry of Justice
The SisterWatch Project Committee

This award is given to recipients who demonstrate commitment, perseverance and innovation in crime prevention. The SisterWatch project began in 2010, an initiative that brought police officers and women in the Downtown Eastside together to combat violence against women, making the community safer for everyone who lives and works there.

Province of British Columbia

The Award of Valour is the highest award for a police officer in B.C., awarded to officers who place themselves in extreme danger to save others.

Sergeant Andrew Chan and Constables Shawn Bollivar, Peter Da Silva, Christian Galbraith, Richard Lee and Wade Rodrigue - About 6 p.m. on the night of November 23, 2010, at the Ray Cam Community Centre, a man armed with knife and a razor blade snatched a three year old boy from the arms of his mother and barricaded himself and the child in a washroom.

Unknown to the police at the time, they were dealing with a man who had suicidal tendencies and a history of violence. When they arrived at the community centre, the man told them to stay back as he was going to slit the boy’s throat. This began a standoff that would last for hours as more police resources arrived and negotiations began.

His demands were erratic and often didn’t make sense, leading police to fear he was psychotic. With every demand he threatened to hurt the child. He talked about “sacrificing the child” or “severing the child’s fingers.”

Eight hours in, things quickly turned from bad to terrifying. The man cut a gash into the boy’s face. Ten seconds later police crashed through the door of the washroom, rescued the boy and arrested the man.

Constable Cara Adams - Early in the morning of August 1st, 2011, Constable Cara Adams and her partner came upon a car accident where a drunk driver was wandering aimlessly around the car as witnesses watched from the sidewalk. Constable Adams interviewed the driver while her partner spoke to the witnesses.

They noticed that there was liquid leaking on to the road from the front of the crashed vehicle. That liquid caught fire and smoke began to fill the hood of the car. Even though no one else was visible in the car, Constable Adams asked the driver anyway. She told her that her friend was lying down in the backseat.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Constable Adams ran towards the car as it was starting to burn, opened the back door and pulled the unconscious woman to safety. Seconds later the engine exploded and then the entire car burst in to flames.

Constables Mark Bouchey and Rod Deighton - While involving in a pedestrian safety campaign on Commercial Drive on March 22, 2012, Traffic Constables Rod Deighton and Mark Bouchey learned that a man had called 9-1-1 from a nearby payphone, saying he was going to hurl himself off the Skytrain bridge.

Without warning, they saw a man emerge from a crowd and run towards the bridge railing. As he began to climb over, they ran towards him. They were able to grab hold of him just as he was halfway over, using all of their strength and body weight to pull him back to safety.

Constables Shawn Dupuis and Curtis Todd - In the early evening hours of April 12, 2011, Constables Shawn Dupuis and Curtis Todd were on an assignment when a neighbour frantically approached them saying a nearby house was on fire. Without hesitation, the officers ran to a house where they could see thick smoke billowing from the roof top.

Fearing that there were people inside, they rushed in. Constable Todd took the main floor where he found a mother and child oblivious to what was going on. He also found two other children and an adult. He got all of them out of the house safely then went back in to help his partner.

He located Constable Dupuis on the second floor engulfed in smoke so thick that any visibility was impossible. In the suffocating haze he could hear his partner trying to get the upstairs tenant to leave. The tenant had grabbed a kitchen sink water sprayer was trying to fight the flames. Sprinklers were going full blast and water was flowing everywhere as the officers forced the man to leave. They then cleared the house room by room before they finally got out.

Constables Andre Haaksma and Keith MacDonald - On December 9, 2011, Constables Keith MacDonald and Andre Haaksma went to a report of an assault at a downtown hotel. They found the suspect in a fifth floor room and spoke to the highly agitated man, who was holding two full pill bottles, through a partially open door.

When they told the man he would have to come with them, he downed the contents of both bottles and tried to slam the door shut. The officers entered the room just in time to see the man going out the window.

They each grabbed a foot as the man dangled out the window. He struggled violently, trying to kick loose and kill himself. Even after the officers pulled him back into the room, the struggle continued for more than a minute before they could safety take him into custody and call an ambulance.

Constables Jasprit Shahi and Greig Vandenberg - On the evening of September 30, 2010, bandits stormed the Montecristo Jewellers store at Oakridge Mall. They fired their weapons in the mall and sprayed bear spray causing shoppers to run for the exits in a panic.

Officers quickly ran to the store with guns drawn, but were forced back by the bear spray in the air. When one of the suspects fled into a mall department store, officers cleared the store aisle by aisle, but the suspect ran out into the parking lot and directly into the path of Constables Greig Vandenberg and Jasprit Shahi.

He squared off into a combat shooting stance and pointed his gun at the officers who were just five metres away. The officers drew their firearms. The suspect pointed his weapon at Constable Shahi who told him to drop it. He then swung it over to point at Constable Vandenberg. For any one of the three people gripped in this tense standoff, death was a trigger pull away. As the officers were about to fire, the suspect threw his gun to the ground and surrendered.

Subsequent investigation resulted in the arrest of all three suspects involved in the robbery.

Province of British Columbia

Officers who are awarded Meritorious Service Honours are deemed to have gone beyond the call.

Sergeant (WSE) Rob Faoro - Sergeant Rob Faoro has had a wide breadth of experience since joining the VPD in 1981. He joined the Major Crime Section (MCS) in 1995 and specifically the Homicide Section in 2008. During his time in MCS, he has investigated approximately 40 homicides, taking a lead role in several high profile and complex murder investigations.

Sergeant Faoro has been personally responsible for successfully concluding some of the most challenging and publically scrutinized investigations even undertaken by the VPD, and as such, that level of commitment, leadership and policing ability has been recognized. His skills have earned the trust and respect of both his peers and management, which was reflected when he was named Police Officer of the Year in 2012.

Constable Derrick Gibson (Video) - On October 3rd, 2011, Constable Derrick Gibson and his K9 partner, Teak, attempted to arrest a suspected sex offender - a six-foot-one, 225-pound former professional football player. The man was being investigated for a series of brazen sexual assaults on women in public places.

They were planning to make a simple arrest, but when the man resisted arrest, Constable Gibson sent in Teak, who attached himself to the man’s leg. Instead of giving up immediately as most people would, he fought the dog, prying his jaws apart. Constable Gibson jumped into the fray and the struggle was on.

At first, the man seemed to comply and the dog was released. Then he ran. Teak launched and sank his teeth into the man’s arm and hung on. This seemed to have no effect, as the man kept running with an 85-pound German shepherd attached to his arm. He fought the dog and freed himself. Teak attacked again and this time attached himself to the man’s leg. The man kept running like he was shaking off a tackle.

The chase led to a dead-end lane, where the man tried to scale a ten-foot wall. This time, Teak grabbed onto his left thigh as Constable Gibson entered the lane with his firearm drawn. Even that didn’t stop the man from charging the officer, who just had time to holster his weapon before the collision. The violent struggle continued, until back-up officers and the arrest was finally made.

Constables Tony Blouin, Victoria Bryan, Dayne Campbell, Cinda Lambert, Justin Leung, Graham MacDonald, Sheldon McLean and Cesar Young - Officers were called to the roof of a five-story building on July 2, 2011, by a woman who said her boyfriend had climbed to the top and was threatening to jump off. When they arrived, they found a highly agitated 32 year old man pacing back and forth near the edge.

Attempts to ease him off the roof failed and the Emergency Response Team was called. Constables Justin Leung and Cesar Young climbed the old fire escape ladder to the roof and saw a man in stocking feet, jeans and a tank-top, who was paranoid that police were going to grab him.

The stand-off went on for hours in the broiling sun as the temperature on the tar roof climbed above 30 degrees. After about eight hours of patient and exhausting negotiating, Constable Leung took the opportunity to lunge when the man momentarily looked away. In seconds, the rest of the team on the roof piled on and the man’s life was saved.

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