2012 External Awards

2013 External Awards

Constable Dave Marchand2013 POLICE OFFICER OF THE YEAR
Vancouver Board of Trade
Constable Dave Marchand

The Vancouver Board of Trade honoured Constable Dave Marchand as the 2013 Vancouver Police Officer of the Year.

Throughout his 21-year policing career, Constable Marchand has consistently performed to the highest standards demonstrating leadership, excellence, and outstanding service to the community. He is an inspirational leader, motivator and mentor.

While working in District Three, Constable Marchand identified the need to coordinate patrol containment efforts during in-progress calls. He set up and delivered training, inviting members of the Dog Squad to participate. The impact on arrests was immediate and his training rippled out to all districts. To this day, Constable Marchand’s tactics remain the standard for dealing with priority and in-progress calls.

Drawing on his automotive background, Constable Marchand devised a plan to disable stolen vehicles and set up surveillance to nab returning car thieves. From the moment it was implemented this tactic caught suspects, and provided evidence, while minimizing risk to the public.

While seconded to CFSEU he became an accomplished “road boss” and surveillance trainer and was tasked with organizing many complicated logistical investigations. While seconded to the 2010 Integrated Security Unit, he managed the Aboriginal Liaison portfolio and was instrumental in fostering open and effective discussions and developing strong relationships between the Four Host First Nations and the ISU.

Since returning to District Two, where he is currently assigned, Constable Marchand has had an immediate positive impact on the neighbourhood crime issues by tackling the root causes of many long-festering problems and building trust and relationships with vulnerable people.

In 2011, Constable Marchand was presented with the Lieutenant Governor’s Award of Valour for his brave and prodigious efforts to keep a suicidal woman alive. More recently, Constable Marchand and his partner received a Chief Constable’s Commendation for saving a man’s life who was trying to commit “suicide by cop.”

In his 21 years with the Vancouver Police Department, Constable Marchand has received three separate Chief Constable’s Commendations and two Chief Constable’s Unit Citations.

Constable Marchand brings his best game to work, day after day, winning the respect of citizens, local business owners and anyone who works alongside him.

Police Service Dog Teak (retired)

Every year, Purina honours dogs for heroism and bravery in saving human lives, both as pets and as service dogs.

Vancouver Police Service Dog Teak was chosen this year, in relation to an incident in January. While responding to a robbery and tracking the suspect, Teak was slashed with a knife. He was rushed to an emergency animal clinic with serious injuries. The robber could have easily injured anyone on the street, but Teak, despite his injuries, ensured officers were able to make an arrest.

Eight year old Teak has since recovered and is now retired, living at home with his former handler, Constable Derek Gibson.

A 20 year old Vancouver man was arrested and charged with several offences, including harming a service animal, contray to Section 23.1 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.


Governor General of Canada
Inspector Bob Stewart

A Vancouver Police inspector continued his family legacy of policing excellence after being awarded the Order of Merit at a ceremony in Ottawa's Rideau Hall. Vancouver Police Inspector Bob Stewart, a 35-year member of the force, was honoured for his dedication and service to the community.

Stewart is a lifetime Burnaby resident and a 35-year veteran of the Vancouver Police Department. Bob brought the intelligence-led COMPSTAT policing model to the Department and created the Chronic Offender program, where the focus is harm reduction through the targeting of prolific property offenders. He was part of a research team that assisted in developing Canada's National Counter Terrorism Plan, provided evidence at the Senate Committee on Counter Terrorism, and presented to the House of Commons Committee on Organized Crime.

As a long-term member of the VPD’s Emergency Response Team, Bob was instrumental in its professional development and, as the Team Leader, led its progression into a full time unit. His efforts were recognized internationally when he became the recipient of the National Tactical Officers Association Award of Excellence. Inspector Stewart was enlisted by BC Police Services as a Subject Matter Expert to develop provincial standards for BC’s Emergency Response Teams. He is currently assigned to the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit-BC and is in charge of Operations Support, including the Uniformed Gang Enforcement Team, as well as overseeing intelligence operations.

Bob is an active volunteer, serving for 30 years with the Vancouver Police Credit Union, as both a Director and President, and was the Vice President, Board of Directors for the 2009 World Police and Fire Games that was hosted by the City of Burnaby and realized10,500 participants. Bob is a creator of the 30 year old annual VPD Free Pee Wee Soccer School for Disadvantaged Youth, and has volunteered as a coach with Burnaby's Cliff Avenue United Soccer Association.

Inspector Bob Stewart continues the legacy of policing excellence set by his family members before him.

Inspector Stewart's grandfather, Arthur Stewart, joined the Vancouver Police Department in 1929, leaving the Department for a short time to fight for Canada during World War II as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Canadian Artillery, where he was awarded the Order of the British Empire. Upon returning to Canada, Arthur Stewart returned to his duties with the Vancouver Police Department, serving the citizens of Vancouver until his death in 1955.

Inspector Stewart's father, Chief Bob Stewart, retired from the Vancouver Police Department in 1991 after serving the residents of Vancouver for 38 years, ten of those years as Chief Constable. His brother, Rick, worked for the VPD for 28 years, retiring as a Detective this year.

Stewart's wife of 32 years, retired Constable Linda Stewart, retired from the Vancouver Police Department in 2009 after serving 34 years with the force. Linda was also awarded the Order of Merit in 2009 for her dedication and commitment to the citizens of Vancouver.

Inspector Stewart's son, Constable David Stewart, joined the Vancouver Police Department in 2011, and is proudly serving alongside his fellow officers in the Patrol Division.

Khalsa Diwan Society

This Khalsa Diwan Society Exemplory Service Award has been given to two brothers who are Vancouver Police officers, in recognition of their commitment and achievement in law enforcement.

Inspector Steve Rai & Sergeant Roger RaiInspector Steve Rai

For the past 24 years, Vancouver Police Inspector Steve Rai has served and worked tirelessly in helping make Vancouver a safer city. In his current assignment as the Commander of District 3, Steve leads a team of 150 police officers in Vancouver’s southeast sector. This District is rich in ethnic diversity, commercial areas and large well-established residential communities. As well, District 3 has arguably some of the most challenging policing issues, from property offences to crimes of violence to domestic assaults. Inspector Rai has confronted the crime problems in his District with the same energy and creativity as he approaches other areas he has worked. Under his command, District 3 has seen a drop in residential property crimes and violent offenses.

Inspector Rai also leads the Vancouver Police Department’s Public Safety Unit, which was successful in quelling the 2011 Stanley Cup rioters in three hours. Over his career, he has worked in a wide range of areas including: Officer-in-Charge of the VPD’s Human Resources Section, the Training and Recruiting Section, Field Commander, and Executive Officer to the Chief Constable.

Having been born in India, raised and schooled in Vancouver, he has had a front row seat on the City’s growth and development. To further his knowledge and understanding of crime problems and their solutions, Inspector Steve Rai recently completed a master’s degree in criminal justice at the University of the Fraser Valley. Inspector Rai continues to be an important part in making Vancouver Canada’s safest major city.

Sergeant Roger Rai

Roger Rai is a 22-year member of the Vancouver Police Department. During his policing career, Roger has worked a variety of positions, from Operations Supervisor, Sex Crimes investigator, Traffic Enforcement officer, and as a Recruiting Unit investigator.

He also served as a Neighbourhood Police Officer in the Khalsa Diwan Community Office, which was an initiative he led and brought to fruition as a unique model of public-police partnership, and the only one of its kind in North America.

Roger has also been a member of the Vancouver Police Motorcycle Drill Team, and is currently a member of the Vancouver Police Basketball Team.

Canadian Bankers' Association
Detective Constable Dean Wells

This award, given by the Canadian Bankers' Association, goes to officers who have shown outstanding bravery, dedication and other noteworthy achievements in combating crimes against Canada' s banks.

Detective Constable Wells was the lead detective in eight Vancouver robberies in which the suspects were armed and wore elaborate disguieses. The amount of cash demanded in each robbery increased, along with the level of violence.

Wells was able to determine the robberies were connected through security videos and statements - even without forensic evidence. Surveillance and exceptional investigative skllls by Detective Constable Wells ensured that the suspects were tracked down and arrested as they left their eight robbery.

Detective Constable Wells has 32 years with the VPD, with a varied career ranging from patrol to dispatch to the Dog Squad, to the Anti-Fencing Unit. He worked on the Asia Pacific Conference in 1997, and was part of the investigative team assigned to the Graham McMynn kidnapping.

He currently works in the Major Crime Section in the Robbery / Assault / Arson Unit, investigating serial robberies, kidnappings, extortions and other major incidents.

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