Constable John McMenomy

VPD Constable John McMenomyConstable John McMenomy was assigned to the "B" sub-station in Kitsilano when, on November 1, 1913, he was called to W.8th Avenue and Cypress Street for an emergency. A short circuit was causing an arc-style streetlamp to sputter and the "cut-out" box to flame.

The constable stood beneath the light and took hold of a rope used to raise and lower the arc lamp. He then gently shook the rope, believing this would seat the lamp and stop the short circuit. Instead, the street light went out, along with all the other street lights on the block.

Sensing danger, Constable McMenomy immediately let go of the rope and warned two small boys to move away, as they were standing nearby watching. He then returned to the pole to attempt to turn the lights back on. The constable began to reach for the same rope, not realizing a live electrical wire had broken off the top of the pole, and was now beside him about four feet from the ground.

The black wire was almost invisible in the darkness, and as Constable McMenomy continued reaching for the rope, the metal buttons on his tunic met with the wire. He was electrocuted, and collapsed to the ground.

Constable McMenomy died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. He was 22 years old. A former Dominion Police of Canada officer, he was with the VPD for only ten short months.

John McMenomy: police officer, husband, father, son.

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