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Information for Block watch leaders

Block Watch Leader Training

Everyone attending Block Watch Leader training is required to have an application on file with Block Watch and a completed Police Information Check within the past five years.

Current leaders are encouraged to attend refresher training every five years. The VPD Block Watch office will provide documentation enabling qualified Block Watch Leaders to receive a free Non-Vulnerable Section Police Information Check, which is valid for Block Watch purposes only.

In order to reserve a seat, new applications must be received in the Block Watch office at least four business days prior to the training date. Your seat will be confirmed once the Police Information Check is received, pending seat availability. Block Watch leaders attending for refresher training do not need to re-apply.

Captains / Co-Captains are invited to accompany any new replacement or additional Leaders attending training for the first time.

Suspect Identification Training

Suspect Identification training provides crime prevention skills to all Block Watch members who have never been trained or who want refresher training. People taking part will learn to recognize suspicious behaviour, including body language and disguises, and how to target-harden your home, and making it less attractive to thieves.

This training is the same as participants receive at their first Block Watch meeting following the activation of their team. Only household members on a Leader’s Block Watch map are invited to register; leaders do not need to take this training but are certainly welcome.

All Block Watch members are encouraged to register to take the Suspect Identification training. It will help make all of our neighbourhoods just a little bit safer.

Residents register through their Block Watch Leader
Must be over 12 years of age

Block Watch Leaders, please provide the following information about your member to blockwatch@vpd.ca:

  1. block watch number
  2. resident's name
  3. email address

Block Watch Group Meetings

As a Block Watch Leader, you can request that the Block Watch Investigations & Training Officer or a VPD patrol member attend your annual group meeting.

Call the Block Watch office at (604) 717-2857 or email blockwatch@vpd.ca two weeks in advance of your meeting to make the request, and advise us of the following details:

  • date
  • time from / to
  • best arrival time for police
  • location
  • if the meeting is outside, alternate weather plans
  • name and cell phone contact for the day of your event
  • approximate number of adults and children
  • quantities of any required supplies and date of pick up

Officers are on duty and may be called away or unable to attend, but they will do their best to attend the meeting at the stated time.

If you are having a Block Party and require the street blocked off, you will find more information on the City of Vancouver's website.

Next Training Dates

Block Watch Captain/Co-Captain Training sessions are held four Saturdays per year at VPD Headquarters at 2120 Cambie St. (see map).

  • 12:15 to 12:55 pm Registration & pick up Police Information Check
  • 1:00 to 5:00 pm Captain/Co-Captain Training

Upcoming 2020 dates:

  • May 30
  • September 26
  • November 28

Block Watch Participant Suspect Identification Training sessions are from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Upcoming 2020 dates:

  • October 8

Downloadable Block Watch Forms

Block Watch Brochure

Log It or Lose It

Log It or Lose It is a campaign encouraging people to record their property in a manner that will help police return the item to its rightful owner if recovered.

Constable Dave Krenz of Krenz on Krime explains the program in this video.

Interested in Working for the VPD?

If you are entering the police hiring process for officers, or for Jail Guard or Community Safety Personnel positions, volunteer and community experience is highly regarded.

Consider volunteering as your Block Watch Captain.