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Block Watch FAQs

Q. What is the Block Watch program?

Block Watch is a free community program operated by the Vancouver Police Department Block Watch office.

The Vancouver Police Department will implement, co-ordinate, and monitor an effective Block Watch program in the city of Vancouver. Citizens in the community are responsible for organizing, operating, and maintaining the Block Watch program in their neighbourhoods.

What are the goals of the Block Watch program?

  • for residents to become actively involved in crime prevention in their community
  • to reduce crime in the community
  • to increase people reporting suspicious activities to police
  • to promote pride and awareness in the community

Q. How does the Block Watch program work?

Block Watch operates on the idea that the police cannot be everywhere at once. They need help from the community to effectively prevent, reduce, and investigate crime by having residents identify and report all suspicious circumstances to police.

The more people who are actively involved with Block Watch, the more successful the program.

Q. How long do I need to be involved with Block Watch?

Your block can be involved for as long as you meet all the requirements. The Block Watch program is monitored by the Vancouver Police Department Block Watch office. Any blocks not taking the necessary steps required to keep your Block Watch active will have the program ended in their block and their signs removed.

Q. How do I become involved in the Block Watch program?

Read more about Start a Block Watch.

Q. Who fills out the Captain and Co-Captain application forms?

Only those people who are becoming Captains and Co-Captains need to fill out these application forms. Participants do not need to fill them out. Read more Information for Captains.

Q. What if there are no changes to our block? Do I still need to send in an annual list of participants?

Yes. Each calendar year you need to send in an updated list to the Block Watch office to keep your Block Watch program active.

Q. How do I add new neighours to our Block Watch program?

Just add the new neighbours with their contact information to the list and send it to the Block Watch office at:

Vancouver Police Department
Block Watch Program
2120 Cambie Street,
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 4N6

or fax to (604) 665-3952

Q. What happens when a Captain or Co-Captain moves or resigns?

Contact the Block Watch office. The remaining participants must find a new Captain or Co-Captain.

The new Captain or Co-Captain must then fill out an application form and go through the training before they can be involved in the Block Watch program.

Q. What happens if our block is considered inactive?

The Block Watch program has specific requirements. If your block does not fulfil these requirements, your Block Watch signs will be removed and your block will no longer be involved in the program.

Q. How do I request a police officer to attend our neighbourhood meeting?

To request a police officer attend your neighbourhood meeting, contact the Block Watch office at (604) 717-2884. See Neighbourhood Meeting section for details.

Other FAQs

See the VPD's list of general frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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