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The Mission

The mission of Project Griffin is to increase public safety by supplying security-minded organizations and groups with information and support in order to assist them in their crime prevention efforts.


Griffin is a project that was developed by the City of London Police in 2004. In the U.K., the focus is counter-terrorism. In Vancouver the focus is on property crime.

The Vancouver Police Department provides training to select groups interested in crime prevention. This training focuses on five areas:

  1. Basic suspect identification: Participants will learn about the common denominators that can often identify a suspicious person by their actions and behaviours.
  2. Communication protocol: Participants will discover what is expected by Ecomm when they are reporting suspicious or criminal activity.
  3. Counter-terrorism: Participants will learn to recognize suspicious behaviours and incidents that may be precursors to Terrorist activities.
  4. Gangs in Vancouver: Participants will hear from the Gang Squad about the current gang climate in Vancouver.
  5. Evidence preservation: Participants will find out about the importance of crime scene protection and basic forensic identification techniques used by the police.

The goal of this training is to increase the quality of information and support provided by these groups, in turn improving our service delivery by better utilizing project members as intelligence resources.

Members of Project Griffin Vancouver are eligible to wear a pin similar to the one above. They can identify themselves as Project Griffin members to call-takers when reporting information.

Course Time & Location

Project Griffin is held at Price Waterhouse Coopers Place, 250 Howe Street, between 8:30 a.m and 4:30 p.m.

Course Delivery

All classes are taught by qualified police instructors. The instructors encourage a participative atmosphere and welcome questions and constructive feedback. There is no fee to attend.

2020 Schedule

  • April 2 - CANCELLED
  • November 5

For more information or seat reservation, please email the Community Policing Services Unit at cpsuevents@vpd.ca.