Vancouver Police Athletic League (PAL)

Vancouver Police Athletic LeagueVancouver Police Athletic League (PAL)

The Vancouver Police Athletic League (PAL) is a youth crime prevention initiative that uses athletic, recreational and educational programs as a tool to foster positive rapport and mutual trust between police officers and youths.

The objectives of PAL are:

  • to provide a safe and supervised environment for kids, giving them an opportunity to work with police officers, who serve as positive role models
  • to introduce after-school activities that are coordinated, coached and taught to local youths by police officers
  • to promote integrity, respect, fairness and the development of a positive self-image.
  • to assist and encourage youths to become involved in community sports and activities
  • to enhance self-esteem and motivation
  • to promote the learning of successful interpersonal and other skills that help prevent youth crime

History of Police Athletic Leagues

Police Athletic Leagues can be traced back to the early 1900s in New York when Police Commissioner Arthur Woods converted vacant New York City parking lots into safe playgrounds for children. The objectives of these playgrounds were two-fold:

  • to give youth a safe, supervised place to play where they could avoid the temptations of crime and delinquency
  • to reduce the tension between police officers and youths and establish a more positive rapport

Today, PALs include athletic, educational and recreational programs, all aimed at youth crime prevention. The programs promote trust and understanding by bringing together police officers and kids. The basis for all PALs is the belief that children, if reached at a young age, can develop positive attitudes toward police officers and the law.

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Contact the Vancouver Police Athletic League

Interested in piloting a PAL program? Interested in creating a PAL tournament or activity?

Inspector Howard Tran
Tel: (604) 717-3389
Email: youthservices@vpd.ca

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