Alarm FAQs

Q. Do I have to register my car alarm?

A. No. City of Vancouver Bylaw #7111 does not require registration of vehicle alarms such as automobiles, motorcycles, and boats (unless the boat is used as the primary residence and is occupied on a full-time basis).

Q. Does my home or business alarm system have to be registered?

Yes. Anyone who possesses or uses a security alarm system, within the City of Vancouver, must obtain and maintain a valid security alarm permit. This includes both monitored and non-monitored alarm systems.

Q. How do I register my alarm system?

A. In Vancouver, contact the VPD's False Alarm Reduction Program to register your alarm system and apply for a permit as required under Bylaw #7111, or ask your alarm company about their application procedure. Many alarm companies apply for alarm permits on behalf of their customers at the time of sale or installation.

If you live in another jurisdiction, contact your local police department to determine if there is a False Alarm Reduction Program in your location.

Q. If my system is not monitored, am I still required to have an alarm permit and pay an annual renewal fee?

A. Yes. Bylaw #7111 states that anyone who "owns or operates a security alarm system" is required to have a permit. The registration of your alarm system is not administered by the alarm industry but is, instead, an effort to identify and educate alarm users to reduce the number of false alarms attended to by law enforcement authorities.

Q. How do I register my alarm system if I installed it myself and my system is not monitored by an alarm company or monitoring station?

A. Contact the False Alarm Reduction Program directly at (604) 717-3277 or download an Alarm Permit Application (PDF).

Q. What are the fees for alarm permits?

A. See False Alarm Reduction Program for current fees.

Q. I'm moving and still have time left on my current alarm permit. Can this be transferred to my new address?

A. No, alarm permits are attached to specific locations. You will have to apply for a new permit at the new address.

Q. I'm moving out of Vancouver or I've disconnected my alarm system. Will I be refunded for the portion of the year on my alarm permit?

A. Alarm permits authorize you to own or operate an alarm system for up to a year and the fee is non-refundable.

Other FAQs

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