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Crime Prevention & Safety for Homes & Rental Properties

The Vancouver Police Department encourages all home owners and renters to take steps to minimize their risk of crime.

Krenz on Krime

Block Watch Constable Dave Krenz is on a mission to help you prevent crime in your neighbourhood.


Who's Watching It...When You're Not?

Although, Vancouverites have experienced an overall decrease in crime over the last decade, thieves continue to prey on people not keeping a close eye on their belongings. Who's watching it....when you're not?


Wait for the Gate

Watch what can happen when you don't wait for a security gate to close behind you.

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Log It or Lose It

Log It or Lose It

The VPD has an app for logging all of your valuables. Not tech-savvy? We've got logs you can print and fill out, as well.

Learn more about the Log It or Lose It Program.

How Bad is Crime in my Neighbourhood?

Find information about the amount and types of crimes going on in your neighbourhood in these statistics and crime maps.

Are You Helping Thieves?

Are You Helping Thieves?

The VPD's "Are You Helping Thieves?" campaign aims to educate the public about simple ways to prevent crime using tongue-in-cheek examples of what NOT to do.

Take a trip through Easy Target Estates and check your knowledge of crime prevention.


Find tips from the Vancouver Police and the Vancouver Fire Department on preventing arson in this video.


Clandestine (CLAN) Chemical Drug Labs

Learn about the different types of clan labs and what to look out for in your neighbourhood.