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Bullying - Age 8 to 10

BULLYING - Age 8 to 10

Everyone has been teased at some point in their life. It’s not usually hurtful when you’re being friendly or if you’re both doing it and it’s funny. But if you feel hurt and upset by what someone else is saying or doing, and they don’t stop when you ask them to, that can be bullying, especially if it happens over and over again.

Here are some examples of bullying:

  • Amanda is on the playground at school with her friends. Another group of girls is standing close by. They are pointing and laughing at Amanda and one of them calls her a loser. When she tries to join in their game, they all run away from her.

  • Jason is looking forward to lunch in the cafeteria and just when he gets close to the front of the line, Mark and his friends push in front of him. When Jason complains, Mark turns around, and shoves him backwards.

  • Jasmine opens her computer to email her best friend. She sees an email from an address she doesn’t recognize. She knows she shouldn’t open it, but she’s very curious, so she goes ahead. The email is full of mean and hateful things about Jasmine and her family and the country they came from.

  • Malcolm is at the pool with some friends. When he finishes changing to go home, he can’t find his backpack anywhere. He’s frantic, as his new iPod is in his backpack. He looks everywhere. Then he notices another group of boys from school watching him. They laugh as they leave the change room, tossing Malcolm’s backpack on the floor. He finds everything emptied out and his iPod wrecked after someone stepped on it.

What do I do if I’m being bullied?

If you are being bullied, it is not your fault.

  • tell an adult you trust, whether it is your mom or dad, a teacher or maybe a school counsellor

  • try to ignore the bullying and walk away, when possible

  • call Kids Helpline at 1-800-668-6868 (it’s free to call)

  • if you are afraid someone will find out you told, report the bullying online - you don't have to give your name

What do I do if I see someone else being bullied?

It can be just as bad to stand by and do nothing when someone else is being bullied as it is to be a bully.

  • if you can, ask the kid being bullied to come with you

  • go get help

  • tell a trusted adult, like your mom or dad or a teacher, if you see someone being bullied

If kids don’t speak up about bullying, it won’t stop.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is just another kind of bullying. It happens on your computer, in your email and on your cell phone.

  • sending nasty emails like Jasmine received
  • posting embarrassing pictures
  • making fun of someone online
  • sending mean text messages on your phone
  • saying mean or threatening things while playing games online

What do I do if I’m being cyber bullied?

  • don’t respond and block the sender, if possible

  • tell an adult you trust, whether it is your mom or dad, a teacher or maybe a school counsellor

  • save any emails, texts or postings

  • call Kids Helpline at 1-800-668-6868 (it’s free to call)

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