Imagine returning to your home and finding out that someone has broken in and taken your TV, computer, jewellery, camera and other valuable property. You call the police, and when the officer arrives, he asks for a list of what is stolen. Do you have one? Can you give him a detailed list quickly before the thief has a chance to dispose of your property? Do you know your serial numbers?

Nobody wants to think about being a victim of a theft, but there are steps you can take to help prevent it. You can lock your doors and windows, secure your valuables, and engrave your property with your driver's licence or identification card number.

Log It or Lose It App
Log It or Lose It Form

By simply taking a few moments to log your property, you will not only increase the chance of getting your belongings back, you will increase the chance a thief may be arrested and charged.

We all play a role in fighting crime in our community.



Despite enforcement, and initiatives like Bait Bikes, more than 2000 bicyles are reported stolen in Vancouver every year.

On the flipside, the VPD recovers roughly 2000 bicycles in a year. Unfortunately, the majority of them will never be returned to their owners, as their serial numbers have not been reported to police, making them untraceable. These bikes will end up at auction, but we'd rather return them to their rightful owners.

Vancouver Police, the Vancouver Police Foundation and the City of Vancouver Greenest City initiative have teamed up with Project 529 to spearhead a BC bike registration and recovery program. Today, more than 70,000 bicycles have been registered in Vancouver, and bike theft is on the decline.

Bike Theft

Take these two easy steps to register your bike today and help prevent bike crime:

1. Register your bikes for free on the Project 529 app or website.

2 Pick up and apply your tamperproof shield to your bike.

Once registered, your bike will be included in the world's largtest bicycle database. No only is this a deterent for thieves, it increases the chance you will have your bike returned if it is stolen.

Learn more about Project 529 and register your bike today.

The VPD's Log It or Lose It bike hangers make it easy to keep a hardcopy record of your bike's serial number. Pick one up at any Community Policing Centre, or you can print one yourself.

Log it, lock it or lose it.


Register Your Bike

Project 529 Bike Registry

Make it harder for thieves to steal your bike and easier for you to get your bike back if it is stolen.

Register my bike for free? Where?

You can bring your bike to any of these community policing offices:

Chinese CPC
106-268 Keefer Street

Grandview Woodland CPC
1977 Commercial Drive

Granville Downtown South CPC
1263 Granville Street

Hastings Sunrise CPC
2620 East Hastings Street

Kerrisdale Oakridge Marpole CPC
6070 East Boulevard

Kitsilano Fairview CPC
78-1687 West Broadway

Strathcona CPC
872 E. Hastings Street

West End Coal Harbour CPC
1267 Davie Street

More Information

Are You Helping Thieves?

Are You Helping Thieves?

The VPD's "Are You Helping Thieves?" campaign aims to educate the public about simple ways to prevent crime using tongue-in-cheek examples of what NOT to do.

Take a trip through Easy Target Estates and check your knowledge of crime prevention.