Who Is Watching It

Who's Watching it When You're not?

Although Vancouverites have experienced an overall decrease in crime over the last decade, thieves continue to prey on people not keeping a close eye on their belongings.

The most commonly stolen items include wallets, purses, and cell phones, as owners leave items unattended in libraries, coffee shops, night clubs, mall food courts, and parks. While successful programs like Project 529 have contributed to a decrease in bike thefts in Vancouver, an average of six bicycles are still stolen every day.

Don't make it easy for thieves. If you're not watching your belongings, someone else might be. Know where your bags, electronics and other valuables are to avoid becoming a victim of theft.


Who's Watching It
Who's Watching It
Who's Watching It
Who's Watching It
Who's Watching It


Log It or Lose It

The VPD has made it easy for you to record a list of your property and valuables, along with serial numbers or engravings with our Log It or Lose It initiative.

By taking a few moments to record your property, you not only increase your chance of getting it back, you increase the change a thief may be arrested and charged.

Project 529

Project 529 Bike Registry

Make it harder for thieves to steal your bike and easier for you to get your bike back if it is stolen.

Register your bike with Project 529. It's free!

Preventing Crime

The VPD offers tips on personal safety, and other types of crime prevention.

Consider getting to know your neighbours and joining Block Watch.

Constable Dave Krenz has some helpful crime prevention tips in his video series Krenz on Krime.