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Criminal Intelligence UNIT

The Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) is an integral part of the Vancouver Police Department, as it provides direct assistance to the operational objectives of the Department, as well as assistance to outside agencies.

The Unit consists of the Investigation Unit, the CIU Administration Unit, and Crime Stoppers.

Investigation Unit

There is one sergeant, seven detective / constables, one special constable / analyst, one tactical analyst, and a civilian data file coordinator working in the Investigation Unit. They provide direct assistance to any unit within the VPD, and support other law enforcement agenices, both within Canada and abroad, relevant to individuals and groups involved in organized criminal activity. This is achieved by collecting, collating and analyzing criminal activity information, and disseminating the resulting intelligence.

Investigators maintain an intelligence file on distinct organized crime groups, while also working as a probe team on emerging threats. They identify criminal groups and crime trends within Vancouver and provide intelligence products in the form of officer safety bulletins, target packages, strategic and tactical threat assessments, crime group profiles, presentations, and reports. These reports are then used by the Department to set enforcement priorities for the next year.

Operation SECURUS

Operation SECURUS is a joint counter-terrorism / extremist awareness program, involving the Vancouver Police Department, the RCMP and CSIS, aimed at identifying and protecting critical infrastructure and key businesses in the City of Vancouver and throughout British Columbia.

The crime prevention program is essentially designed to locate and catalogue businesses that sell products or offer services that could be used by individuals or groups to carry out acts of terrorism. The task of cataloguing these businesses is being undertaken by the Criminal Intelligence Unit.

You will find more information in this brochure.

Crime Stoppers

Greater Vancouver Crime Stoppers is a non-profit community-based crime solving program working in conjunction with the police, the media and the public to help make our community a safer place in which to live.

Visit the Crime Stoppers website for the latest mugshots and Crime of the Week, or leave a tip at