Youth Services Unit

The Youth Services Unit is comprised of six investigators deployed Monday to Friday.

Youth Referral Coordinator

The Youth Criminal Justice Act came into effect in April 2003, and with this legislation came the option of "extrajudicial measures" in dealing with young offenders.

Section 6 reads as follows:

Before laying a charge or referring the matter to extrajudicial sanctions, a police officer SHALL consider whether it would be sufficient to:

  • Take no further action. Subs.6(1)
  • Warn the young person. Subs.6(1)
  • Administer a caution. Subs.6(1), 7
  • Refer the young person to a program or agency in the community that may assist the young person not to commit offences. This option requires that the young person consent to the referral. Subs.6(1)

If the young person cannot be adequately dealt with by warning, caution, or referral, the young person may be referred to an extrajudicial sanctions program. Subs.10(1)

The young people that Section 6 applies to are those committing low level offences such as vandalism, property theft, simple assaults, and mischief. The idea is to divert young people away from the courts, and to get them involved in something positive in their community.

It is the responsibility of the Youth Referral Coordinator to refer such young people to a community organization so that they can do any number of things:

  • make a personal apology
  • repair the damage they caused
  • pay for the damage if appropriate
  • attend counseling
  • participate in an after school sports program
  • spend time with a mentor
  • whatever else the community organization deems appropriate

In this way the young person is held accountable to their community, or the community they harmed. The legwork and follow up are all done by the organization referred by the VPD, and the organization supplies us with a final report ensuring that the young individual takes accountability for their actions. Most importantly, this process allows the victim to have a say in the outcome.

Contact the VPD Youth Services Unit

Contact the Youth Services Unit at youthservices@vpd.ca.


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