Late Night Dance Events

A "Late Night Dance Event" (LNDE) is a liquor-free event involving dancing and music. An event that takes place in a private residence is not included in this definition.

In order to organize, promote, sell tickets, or hold an LNDE, you must obtain a Late Night Dance Event permit from the City of Vancouver. The permit will only be valid for a single event at the date, time and location specified in the application.

All Late Night Dance Event must be a minimum of 28 days apart, with no exceptions.

The LNDE Committee will review applications quarterly as follows:

  • end of March for events in July / August / September
  • end of June for events in October / November / December
  • end of September for events in January / February / March
  • end of December for events in April / May / June

In order to be considered, applications must be received by the 15th day of the review month (i.e. March 15, June 15, September15, December 15).

In order to apply for a Late Night Dance Event permit, the applicant must hold a valid Entertainment Services - Dance / Event Promoter Business Licence. A criminal record background check is required for this licence. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for the application process. The Licences & Inspections Department will not accept any application for Late Night Dance Event during this 3 weeks period, unless there is a minimum of 9 weeks before the proposed event date.

Application Process

The event organizer must submit a Late Night Dance Event Application (PDF) to hold a Late Night Dance Event. The application must include a detailed event plan and be received by the Licences & Inspections Department a minimum of 8 weeks before the event is to be held. The Licences & Inspections Department will then forward the application to the other involved City of Vancouver agencies.

The application package should be submitted to:

City of Vancouver
Licences & Inspections Department
2nd Floor, East Wing
453 West 12th Ave.
Vancouver, B.C.,
V5Y 1V4

Tel.: (604) 873-7568
Fax: (604) 871-6394

Once the application has been submitted, the next step of the application process is a meeting with the Late Night Dance Event Committee and the applicant. This committee is responsible for approving LNDEs in Vancouver. At all times during the approval process, public safety is the primary concern. All committee members must concur for the event to be approved. Members of the following agencies staff the Late Night Dance Event Committee:

  • City of Vancouver - Licences & Inspections
  • Vancouver Fire and Rescue Service
  • City of Vancouver Planning Department
  • Vancouver Police Department

Application Requirements

All applicants must include a detailed event plan with the application. Included in this plan will be:

  • copies of all business licences
  • background information on involvement with similar events
  • reference letter from the venue involved indicating their approval; a specific address is required at the application stage and the reference letter would be required prior to permit issuance
  • Security Plan
  • Fire Safety Plan
  • Health Emergency Plan
  • the confirmed maximum occupant capacity of the venue
  • event schedule
  • list of key event organizers with contact numbers and task assignments
  • copy of insurance or application (the insurance must be confirmed prior to permit issuance)
  • name of provincially licensed security company contracted

The Security Plan must meet industry standards and describe the procedures that will be put in place to ensure the safety and security of all persons attending the event. The Security Plan must include the name of the provincially licensed security company that has been employed for the event.

A Fire Safety Plan describes procedures for evaluating potential emergencies, contacting emergency service providers, and conducting an evacuation of the premises. The Fire Safety Plan should also include floor plans of the premises showing all emergency exits.

A Health Emergency Plan describes procedures for noise abatement and for dealing with health related matters.

Please note that typically the above plans are in point form and a single floor plan can include the information of all 3 departments.

Promoters or staff that have contact with minors will be subject to a criminal record check.


The fee for a Late Night Dance Event depends on the number of people expected to attend. Refer to the City of Vancouver's License Bylaw #4450 Schedule A (PDF) for applicable fees.

Event Sound Requirements

All sound amplification equipment and musical instruments must be contained completely within the building described in the permit.

Application Refusal

The Chief Licence Inspector will not issue a Late Night Dance Event permit if the event would unreasonably affect a community or the city at large because of proximity to residential areas, lack of parking, or inadequate access to public transport.

The Chief Licence Inspector may refuse to issue or may cancel a Late Night Dance Event permit if the event could endanger public safety or if the applicant has failed to comply with the plan submitted in the application.

The Late Night Dance Event Committee may limit the number of events taking place on any given night.

Late Night Dance Event Application Forms