Stupid Combos


Distraction - n. a thing that diverts someone's attention.

Despite the introduction of laws aimed at preventing distracted driving, the many public awareness campaigns, and the hard evidence of injury and death, some people are still not getting the message.

When you think about it, trying to talk on your telephone and drive safely really is a stupid combination.

#stupidcombos Contest

Stupid Combos
Stupid Combos
Stupid Combos

And the winner for #stupidestcombo is......

Walking through a pride of lions with raw meat taped to your body.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest. We got some great responses!

Real Life #stupidcombos

If you hear the term "distracted driving" these days, most people will think of drivers using their cell phones. In fact, there are other things that can just as easily take your attention away from the road. Here is a selection of real life #stupidcombos that VPD officers have encountered:

  • An officer pulled over a driver using a cell phone while driving. The ticket was issued quickly and as the driver pulled away, he picked up his cell phone once again. He was subsequently pulled over again and issued a second ticket -- two tickets in three minutes.

  • Ten police motorcycles on a group ride pulled up alongside a car at a red light. The driver looked over at the officers, who saw that she was texting on her cell phone. Even the sight of ten police officers was not enough to stop her from texting.

  • One driver was ticketed for balancing his full-size laptop on the steering wheel and driver's door while driving.

  • Some drivers have come up with their own solution for using their cell phone while driving: taping their phone to the steering wheel, tucking it under their hat or wedging it in their clothing. None of these would fit the definition of "hands-free."

  • An officer pulled over a driver for reading a paperback propped on their steering wheel while driving.

  • One creative motorist was pulled over by a traffic officer who was curious about why the man was talking into his coffee cup. It turned out the cup had an opening cut out of it and his cell phone was inside.

  • And the winner has to be the driver observed wearing full headphones, holding a sandwich in one hand and watching a dash-level television screen, all while driving down a major Vancouver street.

#stupidcombos Contest

And the winner for #stupidestcombo is......

Walking through a pride of lions with raw meat taped to your body.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest.

We got some great responses!


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Meet Brad Gorski in this press conference video, as he tells how his life changed in a split second - all because he looked at a text while driving.



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Fast Facts

(provided by ICBC)

1. Every year, on average, 31 people die in Lower Mainland distracted driving related crashes, and 91 people are killed in B.C.

2. Distracted driving is the third leading cause of fatal car crashes in B.C., trailing behind speed and impaired driving.

3. You are four times more likely to crash when talking on a hand-held phone behind the wheel, and 23 times more likely to get in a crash if you text while driving.

4. A 2012 Ipsos Reid survey, conducted on behalf of ICBC, showed that B.C. drivers consider texting while driving to be just as risky as drinking and driving, yet 40 per cent of those who own cell phones admit they've used their hand-held phone while driving.