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Motorcycle Drill Team FAQs

Q. How many members are currently on the team?

A. There are currently 16 members on the team.

Q. How are members chosen for the team?

A. Traffic members may apply after a one-year probation in Traffic Enforcement.  Applications are submitted and reviewed, and applicants must demonstrate superior riding skills.

Q. Where does the Drill Team practice?

A. Currently, the drill team members are practicing at the Molson Indy site, near B.C. Place, where they have been training since 1993. Everyone is welcome at anytime to watch.

Q. How often do they practice?

A. The Drill Team meets every Tuesday to practice, beginning in the middle of March to the end of September.

Q. What is a Broken Wing?

A. A Broken Wing is a dubious honor bestowed on a member who falls during a show.

Q. What is the difference between public riding and police riding?

A. In public riding, the object is to ride safely from one place to another, obeying the rules of the road, at your own speed and comfort zone. Police riding includes enforcement riding, and the style of riding is dictated by the circumstances. You may have to manoeuvre between cars or against traffic with emergency equipment on to perform your duties, so additional skills are required.

Q. Can I get the Drill Team to perform for an event that I am holding?

A. The Drill team focuses on community events in British Columbia, providing that they meet the space requirements. A large open space is required for Drill Team manoeuvres. Further questions can be answered by contacting the Drill Team by email at adrian.thomson@vpd.ca.

Q. How can I contact the team?

A. You may call them at (604) 717-2997.

Q. What is the minimum amount of roadway the Vancouver Police Motorycle Drill Team requires to perform their drill?

A. The Vancouver Police Motorcycle Drill Team requires a minimum of 200 metres (650 feet) in length and 20 metres (65 feet) in width of closed roadway to successfully perform our drill.

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