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VPD Training


Recruit Training

For many police officers, some of the best memories in their career come from their time training at the Police Academy.

VPD recruits train at the Justice Institute of B.C. Police Academy located in New Westminster. Recruits attend the academy during the week, and in select cases on weekends. However they are able to live in their own homes during training. Recruits are full employees of the VPD during training, receiving salary and benefits.

Recruit training is divided into three stages, or blocks.

  • Block 1: basic recruit training at the JIBC covering a wide variety of disciplines (11 weeks)
  • Block 2: recruits work in patrol under the direction of an experienced Field Trainer (18-22 weeks)
  • Block 3: recruits return to the JIBC for advanced recruit training (11 weeks)

The training is intensive and covers areas including:

Investigation and Patrol – Basic resources, procedures and skills required to perform daily patrol and investigation duties.

Legal Studies – Introduction to law and its needs; the Criminal Code and its interpretation; rules of evidence; powers of arrest and search; court process and evidence presentation.

Traffic Studies – Understanding traffic law and investigative and enforcement techniques.

Social Sciences – Development of skills in interpersonal communication and conflict management in order to deal effectively with crisis situations.

Physical Skills – Extensive physical training program, as well as firearms and driver training.

Lifelong Training

After graduation from the police academy, you'll be prepared to hit the streets of Vancouver. However your training doesn't end there; the VPD is committed to training throughout your career.

You'll have numerous opportunities to develop new skills, both through in-house courses and advanced programs at the JIBC or the Canadian Police College. VPD members also train annually at our state-of-the-art Tactical Training Centre, which includes an indoor firearms range and force options gymnasium.

You can also qualify for tuition reimbursement for select courses taken on your own time.

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Police Information Check

*Please note, you must obtain and include a Police Information Check (also known as a criminal records check) that includes a Vulnerable Sector Check, in the jurisdiction in which you live as part of your online application - fees vary. Information for Vancouver residents