10th Avenue Hospital Zone: phase 2 stakeholder toolkit

Email signature

Include a construction message in your email signature and encourage your employees to do so as well.  

“Construction is underway near Vancouver General Hospital and the Emergency Room on 10th Avenue. Please allow extra time to get to appointments.”

Website and newsletters

Graphics (PNG)

Use the following graphics or banner on your website or newsletter:


Place an article about the construction on your website or in your organization’s internal and external communication channels such as an intranet or company newsletter.

Document footer

Add the suggested text in your emails and documents to help your patients plan ahead:

"The City of Vancouver is currently making street improvements in the Hospital Zone along 10th Ave between Willow St and Ash St. 

During construction, some traffic delays are expected. Traffic on 10th Ave will be reduced to one lane westbound for vehicle traffic and one westbound and eastbound bike lane will be maintained for cyclists.

Parking and drop-off and pick-up areas will be impacted by construction, and we encourage patients, their families and visitors to plan ahead to allow extra time for you to arrive at your appointment."

Learn more about construction in the Hospital Zone at vancouver.ca/hospital-zone