14th Ave, Alder St, and Prince Edward St bike routes

As part of a five-year plan to better connect the cycling network, we're upgrading the following streets to serve as local street bikeways:

  • 14th Ave from Trafalgar St to Dumfries St
  • Alder St from 7th Ave to 14th Ave
  • Prince Edward St from 14th Ave to 31st Ave

These new bike routes will improve cycling connectivity and provide an alternative to 10th Ave during the construction of the Broadway Subway as well as the 10th Ave Hospital Zone improvements. Preliminary changes include:

  • Lowering the speed limit to 30 km/h
  • Adding standard bike route wayfinding signs and pavement markings
  • New traffic signals at major street crossings (Burrard St and 14th Ave and Hemlock St and 14th Ave)
  • Rotating/changing stop sign configurations at key intersections
  • Removing one to two parking spaces at key intersections to improve visibility

For future changes that may involve greater complexity and impact to the neighbourhood, we'll engage the public to ensure that the concerns and localized knowledge are taken into consideration.

These improvements are part of the 5-Year cycling map (16 MB), which we continue to update in accordance with Transportation 2040.

What's happening?

We're making improvements to the 14th Ave bike route from Alder St to Arbutus St. Implementation is expected to occur periodically between now and spring 2021.

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