Abandoned vehicles

The City of Vancouver is authorized to ticket, tow, and impound vehicles abandoned on city streets and laneways under Impounding By-law 3519.

A vehicle is considered abandoned if it:

  • Is unlicensed
  • Is uninsured
  • Does not display valid plates
  • Is in poor condition - for example, it is damaged or in obvious disrepair - or inoperable
  • Has been parked for more than 14 days on a street other than the street recorded as the address of the registered owner

Report abandoned vehicles

Quick reporting for abandoned vehicles. Use this Van311 form to alert us.

Use our online form to alert us.

If your vehicle is towed because it is not insured or moved onto private property

An immediate tow notice authorizes the immediate impounding of a vehicle if it is:

  • Not displaying valid plates
  • Unlicensed
  • Uninsured

Uninsured vehicles

Residential parking permits are not valid, nor are they issued, on uninsured vehicles or vehicles with off-street storage insurance. Vehicles without proper insurance are prohibited under the BC Motor Vehicles Act from parking on the street or lanes.

Read the by-law

Street & Traffic Bylaw

Regulates traffic, the use of streets, and the size and weight of vehicles that are permitted to travel on City of Vancouver streets.