Adanac Street bikeway closures

To protect the Adanac Bikeway from displaced commuter traffic due to the Powell Street Overpass Construction, four traffic diverters are being installed along the Bikeway between Raymur Street and Commercial Drive.  The traffic diverters will be bicycle permeable to allow cyclists to use the Adanac Bikeway, but will restrict certain vehicle movements to reduce motor vehicle volumes and speeds on Adanac and Union Streets. 


  • 1200, 1500 and 1700 blk Adanac Street (from Commercial Drive to Raymur Avenue)
  • 1000 blk Union Street ( from Glen Drive to Raymur Avenue)

Expected duration

  • Start: Tuesday, July 2, 2013  

Hours of work

  • Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 3:30pm


  • Completed

Impacts to traffic, parking and businesses

Traffic on Union Street between Raymur Ave and Glen Drive is now open to traffic. The city will be continuing to monitor vehicle volumes in the areas as a result of the Powell Street Overpass construction and will be reviewing design options for this location. There will be no entry to westbound Adanac from Clark Drive. The traffic on Adanac between Mclean and Woodland Drive will be closed during construction. There will be no entry to westbound Adanac St from Commercial Drive.

Cyclists are advised to take alternate routes or to be prepared for minor delays due to construction.

How this project will improve the city

This project will reduce overall community and business impacts during construction at Powell Street.

City contact

Active Transporation
John Clelland

Phone: 604.873.7000