Annual transportation survey

The annual transportation survey is commissioned to better understand the travel behaviour and preferences of our residents.

The survey findings help us make better decisions about transportation investments in the city.

What's happening

Starting in early July 2021, MUSTEL GROUP, a local market research firm, will invite past panelists to participate in the summer survey again. In a typical year, approximately 70% of panelists return to complete the survey.

If you get a call from MUSTEL GROUP, please participate

The results of the survey help us make more informed infrastructure investment decisions by gauging progress in travel behaviour by residents.

The survey takes about 10 minutes of your time to complete.

All participants 18 years and older who complete the survey are invited to enter a prize draw with one of ten $100 cash prizes.

How does it work?

Every fall, we invite residents ages 18 and over to participate in the transportation survey using a random telephone recruitment method that includes calling both cell phones and landlines.

Residents who choose to participate are registered into the survey by answering a few questions about their current travel behaviour and mobility preferences. The participant must then complete a 1-day trip diary in which they record their travel for a single assigned day into an online form. On average, the trip diary takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Key findings from the 2020 transportation survey

Walk, bike, and transit mode share
Residents with a car share membership
Annual vehicle trips decreased
VKT per capita decreased by

Read the 2019 transportation summary report (6 MB)


MUSTEL GROUP has been working with the City of Vancouver to deliver the transportation survey for the past seven years. They're a team of collaborative research experts delivering custom market research solutions in both the public and private sectors, helping organizations maximize their potential for over 40 years.

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Transportation 2040 Plan

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