Cyclists riding through a city street

Pine St and W 1st Ave - Arbutus to Seaside

We’re working to improve cycling connections between two of Vancouver’s most popular walking and cycling routes: the Arbutus Greenway and the Seaside Greenway (Seawall). 

The Arbutus Greenway is an 8.8-kilometre active travel route stretching from near Fir St and W 6th Ave in the north to the Fraser River in the south. The greenway provides a safe and comfortable cycling route for people of all ages and abilities (AAA).

The Seaside Greenway (Seawall) is a 28-kilometre route along Vancouver’s coastline. Most of the route has dedicated bike lanes that are separate from cars, making it an attractive route for walking, biking and rolling.

What's happeningConnecting the greenways

The Pine St and W 1st Ave Link became the preferred route and a priority for implementation in 2018.

In 2022, we will be reviewing community feedback and refining the design. We anticipate implementing the link with interim materials in 2023 and adjusting where needed. Where changes are successful, permanent construction may occur in the future. 

Through May and June 2022, we heard from stakeholders along the route with feedback ranging from support for the link to firmer stances opposed. We are now taking time to further review the feedback and explore design alternatives on Pine St and W 1st Ave. 

Our process


Arbutus to Seaside timeline

  • July 2018


    Council approves the Arbutus Greenway: Design Vision and Implementation Strategy which identifies creating an active transportation link between the Arbutus Greenway and Seaside Greenway (Seawall) along Pine St and W 1st Ave

  • Fall 2021

    Early stakeholder meetings - Conceptual design

    Engaged with businesses to learn how they use Pine St and how vehicles and bikes circulate

    Identified how changes can accommodate access, egress, and loading requirements while meeting the City’s AAA cycling standards

  • Early 2022

    Community conversations - Detailed design

    Update residents and businesses on the proposed design with door knocking, email notifications, notification letter drop offs, and online information sessions

  • Summer/Fall 2022

    Design review

    Review community feedback

    Circle back to businesses along the route

    Finalize design based on community conversations

  • We are here
  • Early 2023


    Share revised design with the community

    Implement the Link using interim materials

    Monitor changes and adjust as needed

  • 2023 and beyond

    Permanent implementation

    Permanent construction where changes are successful